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New cover: the angelic Sylvia takes off her coat

We talked about Sylvia here and we explained how she surprised us with her beauty and talent.

She is back on Metart with a second set full of surprises and a question: is she better with or without her coat?

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Robert this second set of Sylvia is a winner. Those opening walk about images were like foreplay, and the excitement got even better inside. Where she didn't take long to get undressed. There's also something naughty I find in a woman posing on items of someone else's furniture, and as an bottom/anal addict I don't think there's going to be a better view than that of #95 for quite sometime! It's delicious. My only complaint, the set ran out to soon. But hopefully you have many more sets of M/s Blunt to present?"

"Ooh La La

Sylvia is not rocketing to the top tier of my favs list because she is starting out right there. What a completely lovely creature she is from top to bottom. Fantastic set! I would like to see some of her stats, though. Maybe someone could look into that for us."


I love sets that start with the models in their street or daily wear clothes on first. Something about imagining if I saw them out in public and stripping them with my imagination. Bonus the photos continue and I actually get to see what I was imagining and no disappointments at all here. Girls are so fun. Yum. Nice job to Robert as well."


A lovely set to follow up Sylvia's February debut. She is off to a great start to her MetArt career. She is so young that we should have a long time to enjoy her as long as she continues to share her charms with those of us who already her fans. She is lovely dressed for public at the beginning of this set and even more so when she reveals her total self to us. Nice to see her wearing heels and standing on them. Great work from master pro artist Robert Graham. Thanks Robert."


Very Varin-esque Robert! With the "romantic city coffee date" getting to know you photos, the intimate, warm interior that follows, and the unexpected and thought provoking unique close-ups, it seems you have also been studying the work of my (other) favorite photographer?"

"James Bell

Excellent follow-up set from Sylvia. I really enjoyed the woman about town start to it. Lots of full body shots so we can appreciate her lovely legs. I'm guessing we can figure out when this was shot. Haha. I like to slow strip. What a magnificent payoff. Awesome use of natural lighting and shadow. Fantastic job by Robert."


Sylvia is a spectacular catch, Robert. Great presentation, lots of variety and Sylvia is exquisite. Beautiful face and an exceptional figure. Remarkably uninhibited for a young, brand new model. More!"


Well done, Robert. If someone photographed Sylvia and it didn't turn out well, it would be grounds for revoking their shooting license, but we were in good hands. A classic approach -- start in everyday life, come indoors, tell a story . Rylsky and Varin are masters of it, and you can tell it's them just by looking at a few thumbnails. It's a matter of sensibility, in large part. For example, apart from his artistic choices, Rylsky cares for his models as people. He wants to show you what he loves about the women he photographs, and that warm, collaborative feeling his models express in turn is very characteristic. There's a lot of that here as well, and some very nice use of light, for example in #80 through #88, which is something I like in your sets. And that glass table really works. You could have done a lot more with that and I wouldn't have held it against you. Somehow pressing up against glass like that, a table or a shower door, just has possibilities."

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