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New cover: stunning Sylvia seduces you in a nighty

Metart welcomes again one of the most beautiful girls we ever shot, Sylivia Bunt.

It seems members really enjoyed her stunning beauty as well as we did when we worked with her.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Lovely and erotic set from Sylvia and Robert. I love her magnificent vulva so nicely displayed by Robert's artistry. I love closeups. Heels are nicely worn and sexily removed. Sylvia is the epitome of the beautiful blonde and a very uninhibited and talented model. More, more, more please Robert.

James Bell

Now that, IMHO, is how you photograph a strip tease. Multiple looks at each glorious stage culminating in a mind blowing series of sexy, sensuous nudes. Sylvia seems to get prettier with each new appearance. She really knows how to present herself and show off her wonderful assets. #103 and #104 as she starts to put the jacket back on made me laugh. Nice show of personality. I can almost imagine Robert asking Sylvia not to and then giving in because she looks so amazing in it. Excellent lighting. Brilliant job by Robert. Thanks to model and artist.


Lifetime Member

I've said it before, but Sylvia has super-model features. Her face, body - wow! Robert - excellent set of photos in capturing Sylvia's incredible beauty. So nicely lit and great angles.


This gorgeous woman is really moving up on my MA Favorites list. Great set.


Sylvia has the most amazing eyes they are full of life and excitement. I don't know what you say to her Robert but keep it up. Talking of which #99 is my kind of close up. Two delicious spaces I 'd like to fill with something of mine, if she had 10 minutes to make an older man very happy. Keep giving her to us please. 8)


Sylvia Blunt is exceedingly sexy and alluring in this fabulous set by Robert Graham. She is pure eye candy. I love that short black dress she's wearing, which quickly reminded me of the famous song by The Hollies. Excerpt as follows:

She was a long cool woman in a black dress

Just-a 5'9, beautiful, tall

With just one look I was a bad mess

'Cause that long cool woman had it all

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