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New cover: Guinevere strikes again!

We have rarely found such an extraordinary girl as Guinevere, extraordinarily beautiful and with such a charming character

Working with her is just enjoyable and extremely creative.

Her second appearance on Metart left those who enjoyed the set speechless again and we can't wait for her film to be released too.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I'm very pleased to see Guinevere again, and if explicit poses are not for her, then I'm more than satisfied to see the rest of her, especially that smile and her figure. Number 81 is a winner. She's extraordinarily beautiful and she really shines in this set.

I love the bright lighting on her skin which suits the summer-fun mood of the set. The portraits are especially lovely, and I like how you framed her in the little window-frames, especially #48 with the frame so out of focus it almost creates a soft-focus effect, and #67 with the frames at an angle. This is really great stuff. Thanks Robert, and thank you Guinevere!


Wowwwwwww, I'm just... wowwwwwwwwww. Guinevere's introductory set was very nice, but this is next-level, "instant favorite" territory. She's just the right mix of cute and sultry, and she projects each look very nicely from photo to photo. I love the "big smile and bare skin" shots, love her falling-open robe, love how that book inspired her to shed her clothing. I hope she stays with us for a long while, she's an excellent new addition to the MET lineup.


viewing stunning Guinevere's second set, she reminds me a lot of totally under-rated as a sex kitten Mainstream Actress of the 90's - Susan Walters. You likely will not recognize the name, but one of her TV characters is absolutely iconic. The infamous Mulva/Delores on the "Name Detective" episode of Seinfeld.


Guinevere's follow up to her excellent debut was two months in coming but well worth the wait. I love her perky firm breasts. I especially like 105-106 with those breasts in my favorite position. Entire set is most enjoyable. Thanks to lovely Guinevere and thanks to Robert for this fabulous presentation.

Ooh La La

So glad Guinevere is back for another visit. She is something special. Great find here Robert and a wonderful presentation. What a beautiful woman. I'm happy to hear she will be coming back again. I can hardly wait!


Guinevere is absolutely stunning!! And those breasts, magnificent!!! Her beauty captured masterfully by Robert Graham!


Robert, I will be most disappointed in you if you aren't on the next train to France, with days of shooting Guinevere lined up. To my taste, you can't really improve on this gallery and while I respect other people's kinks, I just want to see more of her natural poses and lovely curves. No props needed, no exotic settings. I lean toward simple indoor scenes (not the kitchen!) but I barely noticed this was shot outdoors. You keep the camera on your model consistently and nothing in the background even registered with me. 120 photos of her face wouldn't be a problem. Or her breasts.


She's a doll! Mr. Graham takes exactly the kind of photos I wish that I could take. So cool.


I have seen at least a thousand models on this website, and there may be a few I admire as much as Guinevere but none that I like more. I am a bit glad that these photos are not more explicit -- I fear that I might become obsessed with her if her "private parts" were more exposed. In any case, I am such a big fan of her (and Mr. Graham. of course) that I will continue to relish these visions of female beauty and be thankful that I have had the privilege of seeing them.


Lifetime Member

I was really looking forward to this set and I was not disappointed. Guinevere oozes sex. Thank you for bringing her back.


Thank you Robert to produce a creative set and above all to avoid those repetitive and porn pictures of pussy close-up, of spreads legs with the focus right on pussy only. You are one of the rare exceptions on MET, showing respect to his model !

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