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New cover: Presenting a rising star

There are times when you see a girl and you suddenly fall in love with her. When we did the casting to Guinevere, we had that feeling. She is an absolutely amazing girl and we enjoyed every single second with her.

We are sure that she is a rising star in this business and we are working to make her the most wanted girl in the world :)

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Beautiful debut of Guinevere! Multiple outfits in one set, all connected with great but subtle visual storytelling - let's keep it coming :)


GREAT model find Robert! Guinevere is a total knockout with remarkable expressiveness and screen presence.. nice job presenting her in a variety of aspects and settings in one gallery. Definitely asking for more work with this Mademoiselle


Meanwhile Robert Graham has become one of MetArt's best photographer. I appreciate his selection of models. Particularly the asian girls!

Great experiments are dispensable.


A really interesting mix of styles here, with quite a lot of highlights. I love the movie-star-at-the-pool beginning, the unstrung bikini bottom (my personal favorite method of bikini bottom removal), the cute summer dress being peeled off, and the statuesque poses in the set's final third. All accompanied very nicely by Guinevere's playful smile and teasing expressions.

A lovely debut set that makes me anxious to see more. Welcome to MET! :)


Robert's 17th model debut is a triumph. Guinevere is lovely and talented and seems anxious to entertain us. I look forward to more from her in the future and it seems that Robert has promised us that. Welcome to MetArt lovely Guinevere. Nice to have a girl from France.


I don't comment much these days, but I have to come in and remark about how stellar of a premier this set was. Guinevere has what I consider to be a perfect mix of playfulness and sultriness that was fantastically captured in this set. I'm not always a fan of black and white's and a model wearing sunglasses, but in this set, they added mystique and made the reveal of Guinevere's eyes all the more enticing. I am also not a fan of pool shots because the colors and whatnot don't usually meet my personal taste, but again, this set worked for me. I was a little disappointed when G started putting her dress back on, but was so happy that it meant I got to see her take it back off. So there were several things that don't usually work for me that somehow made me love this set all the more. I hope that Guinevere is brought back soon and often!

10 Quest

Ms. Guinevere Huney is such a beautiful young woman! in more than several shots she reminds me of a young Elizabeth McGovern which is really kind of a dream come true! Your idea of three mini sets in one (whether intentional, or not) is simply brilliant! I love your style it is

reminiscent of earlier days here on Met......

James Bell

Bonjour Guenièvre, bienvenue à MA. Tu es très belle et sexy.

She is absolutely stunning. She has such an animated face, so full of fun and lovely smiles. Her body looks very toned with nice legs. I like that there are 3 distinct looks here. The fashionista B & Ws are an awesome way to start off. Guinevere looked like she was enjoying the pool. And to finish off, some very arousing indoor shots. I hope we will get to enjoy Guinevere for many years to come. Brilliant job by Robert. Thanks to model and artist.


It feels like the 60s suddenly, and Robert has resurrected a luscious French starlet. I had to slap myself a few times to be convinced I wasn't dreaming. Robert, please adopt me and let me carry your luggage and photo gear wherever you go.


Bob, started here on April 27th 2020. Today is his 63th Posting of a Photo Set. With Guinevere Huney he has once again done a Presenting. I am not sure,check with Kilroy, but I think Bob has presented the most models of any Artist since his arrived! From his first posting ever he has taken an active part in our commernts! A great addition to our community. We thank him ! He is not afraid to do a he wished. He, as he states today, sees beyond spread shots! He gives us B&W when HE feels they have a place! He roams the globe for his models (Today France) ! Not just our standard Eastern European ones. Thus IMO he is great addition to our list of MetArt Artists. Good job, again, today!

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