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New cover: Creative and funny set with Ohana on Metart

We are constantly looking for something different, sometimes unique to Metart members, Ohana is the right model to create fun and sensual stories.

When she first saw the pot, she jumped in and said "Let's have a shooting here", so how can we not make her happy?

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


An inspiring, highly erotic set - Ohana is so uninhibited, sensual and a little cheeky... Great pictures captured by Robert... Special eye-catchers are Ohana's big, dark nipples and her gorgeous pussy :)))


Ohana looks so cute in that copper pot. I was particularly charmed by the shots where she was diving in head first with her legs in the air. Nude versions of those same shots would have been hilarious. Her spunky personality is a huge part of her charm.

Ooh La La

Wonderful and creative set, Robert. I love this thin cutie with her vamp like expressions. The head over heels in the copper pot shots were pretty unusual and gave me some devilish ideas. I love this waif like young lady and you did well to present her unique style.


Robert, you have come up with an idea that is unique to MetArt presentations. The use of the copper pot works very well. I love Ohana's erotic poses and her totally uninhibited performance. I love revealing shots and closeups that are the thing that I always enjoy from out lovely MetArt models.


She's clearly having tons of fun, and that sort of ingredient (I'm staying on theme here, ha ha) is what makes the best Met sets.


Wonderful set and very creative.

Great chemistry (it seems at least :) between model and photographer.

Would love to see picture 37 in a "nude version"...

James Bell

Ok, that is an unusual way to start and end a set. It was almost genie like. I Dream of Ohana.

My word she looks incredible in that silver dress. 120 pics of her wearing it would make me happy. Her toned body in and out of the dress is mond boggling. I'm sure Dread has mentioned it below, but thanks so much for the heels. They make Ohana's gorgeous legs look even more incredible. #29 and #30 then #33 - #37 as she hung out of the pot had me laughing so hard I was glad I didn't have my water with me. #92 and #93 are so amazing. I love that 3/4 on to the camera pose so much. Brilliant job by Robert. Thanks to model and artist.


Oh look, a antique hot tub, set to the perfect 38C/101F.

Ohana is so SEXY. Perfect color coordination with that

cling wrapped dress. The shots leading up to #24, when

she spread her legs like that, I think I would have dropped

the camera. My favorite photo is #86. Great pictures Robert!


What a lovely and stylish gallery!

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