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New cover: how to make a member happy with Guinevere!

I think that an artist who works for a company as important as Metart has 2 goals: to satisfy both the managers and the members of Metart.I asked the members to tell me their fantasies about Guinevere and Seve detailed hers while taking a shower and then rubbing the cream on her body. So here we are with Seve's fantasy.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Mind blown.

OMG. I am so apoplectic I am struggling to find words. I am beyond thrilled and honored that Robert and Guinevere brought to life the story board idea I submitted a couple of months back, even naming it in my honor. Perfectly rendered Robert - and totally exceeded expectations.

I guess my "thing" in the comments is to point out small details in the sets others may not have noticed, and here that detail is the way we can see the sun coming up through the bath window - a nice touch as that is when I shower most days.. that and the way Robert took one for the team and apparently climbed right in there with Ms. Huney to take several images right inside her personal bubble of space, really conveyed to me the fantasy of showering with this beyond amazing and wonderful woman.

Make no mistake Graham - I lingered over and treasured every image.. but the ones where she is favoring me with that devastating eye contact and big sexy smiles are my very favorites, and totally blew me away!!! Like she is whispering.. "I hope you're enjoying this seve?"

No doubt Guinevere, no doubt.

posthumous apologies to Michelangelo, Renoir, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Chopin and Bob Marley - but Robert is now my favorite artist of all time, in any medium.


Robert what an amazing concept. Typical that my schedule last week saw me up and out before any sets were published and shattered when I got home and be able to catch up with them. Seve is a lucky viewer. What a privilege and what an artist to step off the bus and take Met in whole new direction not only that but executed to perfection if the number of comments from just Seve are a sign of its success. Bravo!

But now I am really pissed and suspect way down the list of having loveu69's fantasy set see the light of day, but I 'm hoping this idea goes from strength to strength and we see many more over the coming years. Well done Robert for turning Met upside down! 8)


A very sensuous and classy set! I wish we had more sets like this of models wrapped in oil. This shows that sets do not have to be overly explicit to be truly terrific. Great concept by seve and great follow-thru by Robert Graham. And, of course, the compliant Guinevere Huney, who so beautifully and so erotically played along. I'm sure she's glad she did this set. I certainly am. My Rating: 10+++


This is the best of the three photosets of Guinevere, and I can't imagine the fourth being better. I hope to be pleasantly surprised some day, but in the meantime I will savor every shot of my favorite model. Thank you, Robert Graham, for the unexpected treat -- it was not announced in yesterday's "Upcoming" section.


Just as I've been getting the feeling that MA is growing old and tired, this gallery appears. Thanks to seve for the fantasy and to Robert Graham for so beautifully illustrating it. But most of all to Guinevere Huney for playing along and fulfilling a fantasy that I'm sure a lot of us share wholeheartedly. Guinevere, you are truly one of the most beautiful women ever modeling at a site dedicated to exquisitely beautiful women. I haven't the words but thank god Robert had the camera and the eye to capture you for me. All so sensual and perfect. (And that may be the coolest shower I've ever seen.)

James Bell

Watching a woman go through her routine is such a total turn-on. And when the woman is as gorgeous as Guinevere the arousal is double. A shower complete with suds and cream after, I'm calling in sick because I won't be able to function today.

The near total lack of eyes contact in the 1st half killed me. When Guinevere did finaly look into the camera I gave a little cheer. Amazing job by Robert.


Guinevere Huney is amazing natural beauty!! I like the transition from bathroom, shower , then bedroom!! And those breasts!!! Their size, shape and nipples!!! Great job again by Robert Graham of delivering a riveting, arousing set without explicit poses.


I'm glad my friend Seve and I have similar ideas for what makes an alluring MET set, because this ticks a lot of the boxes for me as well. LOVE the slip dress. LOVE the soap suds. LOVE the bed poses where Guinevere is coated in baby oil. OOOF OOOF OOOF.

I let out an audible gasp when I saw Guinevere in today's updates. Then many more as I clicked through the set. This. Is. Amazing.


Perfect figure, lovely face and smile... Guinevere Huney is the epitome of elegant French beauty.

This is what MetArt is all about, for my taste: beautiful, naked women, beautifully photographed, in elegant settings and poses. There was much whining and wailing and gnashing of teeth on her first set, suggesting that MA is "all about pussy". Well, here we are, three sets of Guinevere, and I say pussy can be found anywhere; for pure class, we come here.

Thank you Robert Graham and Guinevere, and all who are involved behind the scenes.

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