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BTS: Sylvia, a new starlet is born

This story is quite a fairy tale, but it just happened

We were going to do a production in Spain, we booked locations and models, everything was planned in advance and everything was confirmed.

One day before our flight, a model canceled the job for a really stupid reason. Irina Cage was creating a big problem and she was being totally unreliable and unprofessional and even a liar.

I contacted an agency to find a last minute model and they offered me a brand new girl with no experience in modeling. This new model is 18 years old from Russia and she has never traveled to Europe before, I really didn't know whether to take the risk or give up, but in the end I convinced myself to give it a try.

This new girl is Sylvia Buntarka and I was the first photographer to photograph her in her life.

Well, what about if not ... I was really lucky not to work with Irina and to work with Sylvia instead because she was the most amazing new model I ever worked with.

I could barely believe my eyes how quickly she was learning and how talented she was in posing in front of a camera, just perfect! She is also a sweet and intelligent girl to enjoy great time with between one set and another.

I am happy to have been the first and I am sure that she will have a long and wonderful career in the industry ...

You will soon see her on Metart and other websites!

If you want to have Sylvia on your website or for your private collection, contact us:

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