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Kahlisa, a success story

If you are familiar with Robert's work, you will surely know her.

Kahlisa is the story of a girl who worked as a saleswoman in a small Bangkok shop and who has now become one of the most requested models on the sites she has been featured on.

We did the casting when we weren't in lockdown yet and she came to the studio in a pair of white shorts and a tight black shirt. In fact you could see that she had nice curves but it was her smile that struck me the most.

From day one she has always been a cheerful and smiling girl, she was never still on the set and it was not easy to make her understand that we were not making a film but taking pictures of her.

There are girls who have a natural talent for posing in front of the camera, and who are comfortable even naked, others who are more shy and don't know what to do. Kahlisa is one of the latter and we spent the first few days teaching her how to pose, how to best use her body, how to become sensual with a look.

I can tell you that it was not easy also because of the language, her English was not always understandable, in short, after a bit of effort we finally created a supermodel!

The more we published her photos, the more we were asked for other sets and other videos, now you can see her mainly on Metart and Watch4Beauty but also on Zishy and soon on Goddess.

Most Thai girls are fickle, out of habit or culture, they start something and don't always finish it, we hope to find her still available to work as a model if she hasn't already changed her mind.

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