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Living the backstage

I find the backstage of a production always exciting. You can see the location and learn about the models in a different way that people can do by watching movies or photos.

I have to say that the Samui location was incredibly beautiful, like many other places in Thailand.

The villa was on a hill, overlooking the ocean, and it wasn't as easy to get to, especially during tropical storms.

I took care of the outfits and makeup of the model, the beautiful Kahlisa, and we planned many photosets and many videos, as you can see on different websites.

The hardest part was always capturing the right light, so we had to wake up early in the morning as it was already dark after 5pm.

Working as an assistant during Robert's production is not that easy, he is very demanding with all the staff and models, but always in a fun and creative way, so the day doesn't go by as long as it really is.

As a result of the hard work below 35-37 degrees, every night we were exhausted and could not wait to go to rest after a typical Thai dinner of fried rice with shrimps.

On the one hand I feel special to be in the backstage of such important productions, on the other I would like people to see it too, to understand how it is not so easy to produce high quality content.

I suggested to Robert to open the backstage to selected people, do you think it's a good idea? Would you like to join us?

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