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New cover: Sylvia shocked Metart

We talked about Sylvia here and we explained how she surprised us with her beauty and talent.

She is finally published on Metart and it's a great debut very appreciated by members

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Beautiful model ! I love those glossy legs. Welcome, Sylvia. Great work RG !"


Outstanding debut of lovely Sylvia Blunt by Robert Graham!! Great set of poses highlighting all her fine assets! Her eyes are mesmerizing!! I cant wait for next set!!"


Robert has done it again, I must say. What a lovely, shapely young woman and this is a great clear introduction to her. Her smile is contagious and her body is perfect. I tagged a few photos as "favorites", such as 55, but they're all great especially if they've been lit up by that smile. "

"James Bell

What an absolutely gorgeous young woman Sylvia is. Such an adorable face and those You can tell from her expressions that she knows she has us hook, line and sinker. And she doesn't let up from photo 1 all the way to the end. I love the lingerie. Bravo to Robet's wardrobe person. There are many excellent shots here, but #88 and 89, with Sylvia's bellybutton front and centre are my favourites. I really hope she will come back often and really soon. Awesome job by Robert. Thanks to model and artist."

"Ooh La La

What a bright ray of sunshine Sylvia is, with that delightful radiant smile that just makes you want to engage her in conversation. Her stats says no measurements. I beg to differ. She's absolutely gorgeous. Good find Robert. Please bring her back again, and again...and again! Well, you get the picture (so to speak). :>)"


Excellent debut. Sylvia makes a great appearance to begin her MetArt career. I hope we have many years to enjoy her. I like 50-55, but could be better if her breasts were a little more clearly visible. Thanks Robert for sharing your wonderful discovery."

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