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New cover: You need a double take for Boni

Taking pictures of Boni is difficult because her boobs hypnotize you as you shoot. Also camera sometimes focused on boobs insteat on eyes... they must be kinda magnetic:)

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Thank you for another stunning set from Boni, Mr Graham. So glad you included shots of Boni pulling her panties down over that deliciously round bottom. A video would be the icing on the cake (but only if Boni has not gone down the unattractive but oh so prevalent road of having a tattoo). Thanks again both, a job very well done!


Gorgeous curves and poses by Boni Brown... Her proud boobs and dark nipples are breathtaking! Great, artistically sophisticated photos with special perspectives, lots of light and shadow in the first part and in the end ... beautiful multiple reflections in the mirrors during the second part. Great work by Robert Graham!


I love the variety of shots here. The window-lit shots, and the shadows cast by Boni's lovely shapes, really highlight her beautiful contours. But those corner mirror shots, where we get to admire her body from THREE different angles in the same photo, were the highlight of the set for me. Especially the ones shot from a low angle. Wow.

Ooh La La

Great work Robert in capturing Boni's incredible voluptuousness. The extended breast shot sequence in low natural light lying back on the bed was really well done, as well as the mirror shots in the bathroom where you made your on-camera debut. Nice!

Diablo Martini

Great breasts obviously along with a sexy mouth w voluptuous lips. She's cute no doubt, but let's be realistic here, the competition on this site for raw beauty and flawless bodies is off the charts, I personally feel these comments on here about the model being a stunning bombshell goddess phenom might be a bit dramatic given what we see on here on a daily basis.

That said, using creative lighting and interesting angles, the photographer made did a great focusing in on the models standout features. I enjoyed the set.


Thanks, Robert. I do love a series of well thought out and executed mirror-shots. And thanks, Boni, for giving it your all. Mucho gusto, senorita!

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