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New cover : we wrote an epic page on Metart history

The idea of creating something different and unique for Metart was born when I contacted the model Savana and she showed me her skills on fire shows; I started to develop a storyboard that told a story in two parts, one for Metart and one for Metart-X made through photos and movies.

It was certainly a challenge to shoot a rookie on stage for the first time, create the set on the water and use fire as a light. But, reading the comments, we now know we have won

Take a look to this new photoset here

A special mention to Savana, one of the many new models discovered and brought by us on Metart!

Here some comments by Metart members:


Well I can think of many themes, I would like to see, photographed like this, mostly fantasy style. Bravo to Robert for undertaking this, and K and Rose for supporting it. Its going to be a Marmite set for sure ( see we've already had it voted the worst set of all time) but I like adventure and as the title of this site has it Art featuring beautiful naked women. I support creativity however its presented. More please."


wow wow wow.... you are crazy))) i LOVE it)) Great job! you are unique)"

"Ooh La La

As they would say on Monty Python, "And now for something completely different". Interesting concept for sure. Looked like a challenge to photograph. Good job."


Gooch approved! I enjoyed it, I enjoy the creativity, I liked that it was very much different, tone and tenor, than 99% of the rest of the stuff that comes down the pipeline. And not just here, for ALL the other photo sites (you all know them, likely members there just like me, featuring many, if not most, of the same artists and the same models) as this shook it up, did something different. I love seeing something set about making itself distinct, see that striving and separation from the pack. Keep it up! I'd like to see all the artists take the nod from Robert here and try /different/ stuff - shake it up, stretch your wings, and give us a pleasurable buffet of unique and tasty treats. Thanks kindly for this set."


Wow. Epic indeed. It's not every day that you see something completely unlike anything you've ever seen before, yet here we are.

I think this is the first time we've ever seen MET try a project like this, a full-on narrative with a photo set and accompanying blog entry. I wish I had viewed the set with a split screen, reading Kat's story while viewing the pictures. I love the tie-in with Gallic / Celtic mythology and the native(ish) outfit and headdress. Savana looks like something out of Game of Thrones (or Vikings, or Barbarians, pick your favorite history/fantasy series) - fierce, sensual, powerful.

Personally, I loved it. I really appreciate the effort that was taken to try something truly unique like this. It scored with me, and it might not with others, but you certainly can't say that this was ordinary in any way. I'm amazed and impressed."


I will say this, as soon as I saw that cover photo I knew who the photographer had to be. The model being French was a surprise. The imagery? Celtic? What a fantastic introduction to a new model and to the collaboration between model and artist. Savana (Kat?) is very brave. Some of those photos with the flames near her bare skin were scary but they did provide plenty of light on her lovely curves (and Robert does have an eye for curves). Fantastic!"


Awesome, I really love it when we see something new and this is super fresh and exciting stuff!. I love the contrast between Savana as both reader and protagonist, her expressions and poses work brilliantly for both. My main concern was that the fantasy section might be timid, however Savana's sexy shaman really gives it her all, gyrating in front of the flames, almost a fertility dance, offering her fabulous and gorgeous cunt to the spirits within.

Fantastic set Robert, a wonderful concept masterfully brought to life, I would love to see more like this, sparingly would be best as to not dilute. I love it!."


Congrats! This is very creative and also very hot! I really like that stuff. Primitive and strong sexuality. And a very attractive Frenchie. Why not try something new? More like that, no problem"


Unique interesting set. Although Savana is beautiful and curvalicious, "the way I LOVE a woman to be curvalicious," her character in this set seems more Voodoo Priestess, than Fire Goddess. Oh well, this set kept my full attention and I'm looking forward to her next set."

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