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New cover : we all needed some Culture on Metart

Education is important, isn't it? What if the teacher is a hot sexy Amaya?

We enjoyed to take photos and videos outdoor with people watching but we had to change places two times because of this:)

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:

"The Rok

Beautiful. Loved the opening sequence of the superbly captured images of Amaya in the red dress. She looked gorgeous. The set continued delightfully as she continued to blossom. Thanks Robert and Amaya"


Great set... I loved the set-up pics with Amaya out and about town looking great in that red dress. She definitely would have attracted my attention. I would have loved to share a glass or bottle of my favorite alcoholic beverage (red wine) with her. Thanks for all the full-length standing shots of Amaya."


Quality photography all the way. Very nicely done."

"James Bell

Let's make that 3 new favourite sets.

Oh my, that dress. And Amaya's legs in that dress. I even like the moviestar sunglasses. This is one of the few times where I completely agree with the set description. No need for me to create my own story. I love how things feel so intimate when we get back to the house. #31 and 32 where Amaya is having problems keeping her wine down. This a perfect set. I can't imagine how Robert and Amaya will ever top this. I hope we'll have plenty more chances to see them try. Thanks to model and artist."


Great set ! Very lively & filled with variations, scenarios, excellent. Amaya continues to be as gorgeous as ever ! Nice work RG & Amaya :)"


taking off a shoe never looked sexier"

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