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New cover: Vine on Metart

One month ago she made her debut on Metart and now a second cover "Magazine" !

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:

Got plenty of time for fine Ms. Vine, she looks super hot in that see-through dress at the beginning and Robert presents her magnificently throughout. The removal of her pants is awesome, particularly in that cover shot/ #059 and the well lit shots by the fireplace are fantastic too, she is super hot!. Great follow up Robert, great set!."


DAMN Graham! you two are onto something here! was shocked you, and Ms. Vine - were able to restrain yourselves to 95 photos.. perhaps there is a sequel planned where Vine makes her way over to the luxurious comfy bed seen in #46? Hope so..

with your ever expanding scope of models of various origins, and varied shoot locations - you are well on your way to being an iconic MA artist.. look out Mr. Matiss!"

This is a phenomenally shot set. The compositions are exemplary. Kudos to all involved."

Hey Robert. Last month you promised me personally that I would see another great set from you and Vine soon, and here it is. Thanks for keeping your promise. Of course my greedy personality is still not satisfied completely. Please give us more and more of Vime. This set is a great follow up to last month's debut. Many thanks to you, Robert, and your spectacular model, Vine. See you and her again soon, I hope."

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