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New cover: the best Metart cover with Helena

We believe this cover is one of the best ever published on Metart, what do you think?

We planned this set (and movie) during sunset, to have the perfect matching color of warm sunlight and pale skin on a cold background. The amazing Helena made the rest with her beauty:)

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Welcome back lushious Helena! Your body is a wonderland. Your fluffy blonde hair & sexy grin are so appealing. Sweet coat rack nips. I'd like to see if I can make them even stiffer. Only too happy to oblige her as she gave me a Lady Boner.


Robert, I find your work a conundrum, beautiful women, style, lighting ,mixed viewing angles and excitement, often brilliant. Then there is frustration , just missing the moment, the what could have been had the set continued, or you had developed the situation often just a little further. My single example her, delicious Helena lying on the table looking at us, her beautiful bottom raised behind her, then we have no rear close ups, perhaps face up ass down views, a mother or not she was clearly happy to show us her amazing pussy so, shyness or a sense of sexual adventure certainly not diminished. Basically I just want to be able to see more of your stunning models just how you present them as the sexiest women of pleasure and fun . 8)


Some very nice shots here, the sunset light really flatters Helena's skin tone beautifully. I love her playful smiles as she seduces her frozen treat, love her game of peekaboob with her bikini top, LOVE the untied string bikini bottom falling off her hips. I do wish there had been more than just 20 full-nude shots at the end, though. After all the photos that built anticipation, it felt like the set ended abruptly.

Ooh La La

Nice Robert. You really took advantage of the "golden hour" with some great angles and poses from Helena.


Nice set from Helena. I especially like #70. One of my favorie poses also with the all fours pose that I like so much. Nice work, Robert and thanks for the bonus of a beautiful background.


Helena is one of my favourites and she's as gorgeous as ever here, with her cute smile and freckles. The settings and alternating warm and neutral light give us nice variety and tell a story, from enjoying an ice cream in the evening to undressing by the light of the sunset. The neutral skin tones from #63 to #72 give a nice contrast and stoke the imagination. My imagination went wild at #4 with her lips around that ice cream!

Nice work by RG, and great to see some different things being done.

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