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New cover: Spanish "chica" strikes her debut on Metart

Ohana was a nice surprise. We spotted her almost a year before her in her internet beginnings and our first thought was, "This girl is sure to please Metart members."

We weren't wrong considering the enthusiastic comments we received.

It was very pleasant and fun to work with her, we made some really beautiful photos and videos that will be published soon and that you should not miss.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


A real beauty... and one of the sexiest strip sequences I've seen for a while."


Petite and slender Ohana makes a fine debut here. Thanks for sharing your discovery Robert. I look forward to seeing much more of her.Robert thanks for 83-85. I love it. Also thanks for all of the revealing closeups."

"Ooh La La

What a stunning little hottie you've found this time, Robert. I'd love to get all tangled up with Ohana. Great presentation. i don't know how you kept your reflection out of those shots in the mirror above the fireplace."


Robert just keeps coming at us with the best new gals in the world! Ohana is wonderful, slender, with brown eyes, and personality from the beginning. Keep going, Robert. You have enhanced MetArt in the relatively short time you have been here - 15 "Presenting" in under two years. I enjoy being your cheerleader (sorry, I am NOT wearing that dress, lol), if it helps give you the energy to go on."


I like to think that Robert Graham was out and about, met an enchanting young woman with a gorgeous face, big brown eyes, and a gift for seductive gazes, handed her a book to read, and simply let the written word do its magic. Lucky for us, it all worked splendidly. Oh publishing industry, where would MET be without you?"

"The Seller


Fascinating set , and a beautiful new addition , Ohana, a newcomer with a lean , elegant body, and hypnotic gaze, whose poses are waay better than the average presenting set. Focus, lighting, composition and skintones are perfect, revealing the impeccable photographic skills mastered by Robert graham.

I specially love the pics featuring the model and the mirror reflecting the painting, all in good focus.

No doubt Ohana gives me hope. Looking forward to see much more of her in the near future.

10/10. Way to go, Robert!"


I always enjoy seeing the model starting out fully clothed (including footwear) and even more so in a presenting set. It gives a feeling of authenticity as the first time you meet someone they're usually wearing clothes.

Clothes also gives the opportunity for teasing, which was taken full advantage of here. First with the dress and then with the panties.

Another great find by Robert Graham. Ohana looks like a fun person to work with and she's very enjoyable to watch."

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