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New cover: Silk like Marina

Marina is a playful girl, really nice to work with. Aside from her sweetness and her sensuality, you understand that she is a very clever girl for her age, she knows exactly what she wants.

Working with her is enjoyable and we hope it will be equally enjoyable for you to see her photos posted on Metart

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I really enjoyed this set. I found it arousingly sexy! Cuteiful Marina looks like she's having fun, which makes this set even more enjoyable for me. I love pic# 78... I'm jealous of the mirror:-))

James Bell

I really like Marina's changes in expression. She goes back and forth between cute and seductive so very well. And she even throws in a few bedroom eyes glances for good measure. I like the pyjamas and those slippers. I like Robert's variations in light here. Aesome job. Thanks to model and artist.


Interesting set Mariana and Robert . I must say although I enjoy this set I think her debut set was a better effort from artist and model. I loved her hair in her debut set, but I am not a fan of braids. I also must say that there are many enjoyable features in this set from a great artist and a talented model.


Marina's exaggerated facial expressions add a super cute and sexy touch to this set. If she chose to be, she would be quite a star in a pinup-like set. I loved watching her flirt with her reflection in the mirror, that was a nice touch here.


I like the variety of facial expressions on Marina, who is both super cute and sexy. She must have enjoyed creating this set a lot. Very nice eyes. Yes, a few more pictures of Marina all wet in a shower would have been good.


Beautiful reflections, expressive eyes, a playful smile ♡ Marina shows us that she enjoys showing off her amazing body ♡ Artistically sophisticated designed and photographed by Robert Graham ♡


Robert what a fun idea. Reflections, we get double the enjoyment of Marina, who is very cute and sexy at the same time. I particularly liked the kissing sequence at the end. You could have continued to explore the theme so 84 images was quite short. I like that you are thinking out of the box. Also your colour tones are nice I like the warmth. Keep up with the good work. 8)

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