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New cover: Runaway Eve Sweet on Metart

It was Christmas time and all streets were decorated with beautiful lights. We decided to start this shooting outdoor, despite the cold and the wind:)

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Wonderful woman! Wonderful set!


The close-ups are so beautiful. 10/10


fabulous set - her beauty captured in every detail. The close-ups of her incredible vulva are superb.


I love the girl-about-town shots at the beginning of the set, they built anticipation for Eve's lovely undressing sequence once she got indoors, which then built further anticipation for those awe inspiring bed poses at the end. OOOF.


I love this wonderful set of beautiful and sexy Eve. Robert presents her beautifully to show off her lovely breasts and generous vulva. Great poses. Very arousing and enjoyable. Thanks to artist and model.


I enjoy the opening photos of the clothed model but I confess to getting a little tense as Eve was taking an awfully long time getting to my favorite part of one of her galleries: naked Eve Sweet! But Eve and Robert came through with flying colors and lots of naked Eve and her mouth-watering breasts. I can't say there is enough because I can't ever get enough of Eve but I do have a happy feeling inside.


Preeminent set! I just love the super sexy see-thru lingerie that Eve Sweet is wearing. She's so classy, erotic, buoyant and spoony throughout this set. It's always terrific whenever you see a model who genuinely appears to enjoy doing a set. And you could not ask for more in Robert Graham's superior photography. This set validates the fact that Robert Graham is indeed one of the top photographers at MetArt. He consistently delivers top-notch sets and brings out the very best in models. My Rating: 10+++


As is often the case with Robert Graham's sets, I preferred to go through it properly in my quiet time, rather than jumping in straight away with a comment. It's good to understand what he's getting at.

I love the gradual tease here, seeing a beautiful girl on the street in classy clothes, and in your private space she gradually reveals herself. There are revealing shots for those who want them, but generally this is a softer, more glamorous set.

I liked the shallow depth of field in the street shots, but enough detail to reveal the scene without being distracting, and nice bokeh. The touch of reddish lighting as she gets undressed adds some drama and class to the otherwise mostly grey and white setting (which is not in itself a bad thing, but the colour adds more).

Eve seems to be a professional model and it shows here. We have plenty of variety from several photographers and I appreciate this one for being different, and classy. I'm looking forward to whatever else RG has produced / is producing with her.


Fantastic set. #54, #105 , #116 but also the beautiful close-ups of Eve's wet pussy are amzing shots. I also love the beginning sequence when Eve is wearing casual street wear which I would love to see more often. Thanks for this.

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