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New cover: Savana is a tourist in Milano

Before becoming a goddess, Savana was a tourist in Milan and we took a walk with her through the city center. When we got home she remembered that she was also one of Metart's most loved ones and started stripping for her fans.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I always appreciate seeing the model starting clothed and progressing to nude through a sexy striptease. Two other things I also always appreciate seeing, are asian women and women with pubic hair. So this set presses a lot of right buttons for me. Thanks Mr Graham!



This is my Fave Set of Curvy Exotic Looking Savana. Nice Work!



Ohhh, THIS is the Savana set I've been waiting for! Marvelous! Love the girl-about-town photos, love watching her remove her colorful outfit, love the mix of wide shots and intimate close-ups, LOVE watching her press against the window at the end.

And ohhh, #83. That's my favorite view in the whole wide world. Every single MET set should feature at least one photo of that pose from that angle, I mean it. When you look up from a task you're performing, her back is arched like that, and you see the triple peaks of her two breasts and the underside of her chin, you're having a good day. And, obviously, so is she. ;)

Wonderful model, wonderful set.


Just one word for this set: Perfect!


Wow those beautiful breasts, Robert they could part the waves #32...talking of the Bible. I think I'm going g to the man downstairs for all my naughty thoughts over the years. Great set of her again. Love the fur. 8)


This is a FANTASTIC set, I love it! More sets like this please :)


This is a really great set! Savava is an expressive, very erotic model, she is so natural and shows us stunning poses while she is presented in a very special way. Many thanks to Savana and to Robert!

Even the fire dance in the 'Epic Story' was something very special, I hope there will be a sequel!


This is a very nice set. I loved the set-up pics where Savana is out and about town. Those shots make the anticipation for the rest of the set that much more exciting. Nice work Robert and Savana.

Lucky Bastard

Dynamite body. Fantastic breasts, fantastic round bubble butt, and sexy legs. Sexy goddess. Excellent set. 10+++.

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