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New cover: Savana is a book lover

Savana is back on Metart, not as Goddess but as a book lover.

An artistic set playing with lights in a sunrise morning.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


The photography here is exceptional. There are some angles here that leave me speechless."


It took WAY too long for Savana to pay us a return visit. Luckily for us, Robert gave her a call to come over and hang out, and happened to leave a book on the table. The rest took care of itself. :)

Some really nice moments here. I love the standing nude shots where we got to savor her beautiful figure (those hips!), and I was particularly intrigued by the segment #75-80. That's a shooting angle we don't often see around here, and I love the way it highlights the shape of her breasts.

Very happy to see Savana again. Hopefully the next time won't be so far into the future."


Savana is quite a lovely model, than you, Mr. Graham, for lifting my day! I especially like # 50 where Savana's breasts seem to hang right over my face. I look forward to your next set with her."


Wow, what a woman... I love Savana and her curvy figure is all that for me. I totally enjoyed this set. Great work Robert and Savana!"

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