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New cover: Paulina's debut on Metart

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

We made it again! A new model on Metart Network!

Paulina is a artistic nude model who agreed to be published on erotic website like Metart

Take a look to her debut photoset in a very artistic photography here

More than 100 comments for this set, here some of them by Metart members:


I love the intimacy of this session, starting with what certainly feel like candid shots. Speaking entirely for myself, I am one of those who "come here" to MetArt to see beautiful women. In the nude, obviously, at whatever they are comfortable with. I also look forward to some photographers who work with lighting and mood and who have a clear background in art. In this case, the first requirement was met with no reservations: Paulina is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Period. Both model and photographer have brought a lot to the table and I am thrilled with this photo session. That feeling is perhaps a little shadowed by the fear that Paulina got into this with no intention of making a career of erotic photography and that I'll never see that sultry gaze again without learning a new language and subscribing to multiple Polish art and fashion magazines."

"James Bell

What an interesting set. It feels like the first half of the set is almost like a BTS look for the 2nd half. The lighting effects in # 41 - 45 are truly amazing, especially seeing lovely Paulina's reflection in the window. It almost looked like she was standing next to a hologram of herself. The 2nd half is more conventional with some nice shots on a bed. I applaud Robert's idea for the first half. Great job."


A super glamour show.Paulina very lovely is.The hairbrush and the mirror and the make-up and the lipstick and the usual feminine accoutrements and activities in grooming are always good to see when they occasionally appear,and are often a favourite part of a video or gallery.R.G. is ringing the changes in a few presentations seen so far,and I like his way of doing things.More Polish girls would be very welcome.We have the adorable Virginia Sun so far,and not others I'm aware of...there may be many others happy to have the opportunity to pose for MetArt."

"Diablo Martini

What an erotic beauty! Tbh I somehow didn't even notice there were no pussy shots until I finished looking through the set. I was actually fixated on her face and her erotic mouth. I think a lot of photographers underutilize the face here on MetArt. A womans face, especially her mouth is an erogenous zone and while I always want to end up seeing nice photos of pussy, the photographer used her erotic mouth and flirty eyes to make this set very sexy. Personally, I would have wanted to see her tongue with a come hither look in her eyes (like she does so well) and think that would have kicked the set up a notch or two for me, but still, a very sexy set."

"Finlay B

Brilliant first set. Really enjoyed seeing the model as a person, instead of numerous pictures of her pussy. Which should be left for Sexart or similar. So a big thanks to Robert Graham for minding people, what MetART is about!"

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