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New cover : Oiling such a hot body on Metart

Did you ever dream to spread oil on Amaya's body? Here it is, on Metart again!

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Congratulations Robert on really outstanding set, the best one so far with Amaya."


Bravo!! : ) Big Thank u out to Amaya & Robert for a most arrousing collaboration! Amaya has a compelling & unique brand of beauty. As in a previous Era Circa 1920s'-30s'"


#93 aside Robert, you did a stellar job of keeping YOUR puss out of the reflective patio door windows behind her while Amaya was showing of HER, SPECTACULAR oiled up puss!

wouldn't want those fluffy golden locks distracting us and all.. haha"


Delicious looking vulva beautifully displayed by Amaya's uninhibited posing and Robert's superior artistry. A set that includes many revealing poses that are very arousing and entertaining to say the least. Amaya continues on her journey toward MetArt fame."

"James Bell

So many sets where the model puts oil on her body tends to skip over the application of said oil. Not this set, though. I love #45 - #57 as we get to see gorgeous Amaya spreading the oil over her luscious body. I even love the closeup shots. The striptease at the biginning is very sexy and really got me reved up. Awesome job by Robert."


Amaya never fails to impress. She is able to show so much emotion that even though we don't get a word from her I feel like I understand her.

While I'm not a huge fan of the completely shaven look I think each model should present themselves as they are comfortable and wow does she look comfortable. Her sets are so intimate yet they are so fun. Congrats to everyone involved and keep them coming please!"


Robert is one of the few Active Artist which shares with us regularly in comments. I hope he continues. As opposed to using primarily Eastern European models as many of our Active Artist do, he has added great diversity to the fold with the models he has introduced and posted. His reaching out for new talent is somewhat unique I hope he keeps that as part of his style. He is a great addition to our list of Active Artists, may he continue to surprise us in the new year! We all will be Watching!"

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