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New cover: Ohana welcomes you to her private pool

Ohana is one of the hottest chicas we shot, she is born to be sexy and seductive. Metart published her at swimming pool while she is enjoying on kiwi-floatie:)

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:

James Bell

A very nice performance from gorgeous Ohana. She plays the bathing beauty to perfection. Her toned body looks delicious in that bikini. In a few of the photos, I get the impression she was about to cut loose and be silly. What stopped her? While I usually like to see a full on grin, Ohana's hint of a half smile is beyond charming. She continues to move up my favourites list. Awesome job by Robert.


Nice set from this willowy Spanish girl. Ohana gives us an excellent and revealing performance so beautifully presented by Robert. I like her small breasts in my favorite position in 93-94. Thanks to artist and model.

Five O

Ohana definitely suits my fancy showing off her svelte body. Couldn't help but gravitate to her aura as the scene shifted in and out of the pool. Kudos for displaying her perky nipples and other assets tastefully and with style. Chica bonita indeed.


Yes, Ohana is a bit skinny, but she's stunning hot... And she's really sexy! Just look at her big nipples, dark and perky! Her great pussy, her charming smile, her exciting poses ♡♡♡ I love nicely rounded breasts, but Ohana makes up for that in a number of ways ♡♡♡ Magnificently photographed by Robert Graham ☆☆☆


I fell in love with Ohana, when I saw her in the upcoming sets and re-visited her past two during some quiet alone time. I love her adorable face which is so expressive, her petite body, her delectable lady-bits.

This is a fantastic third set that oozes sex appeal, and gives us a nice variety of settings. Nice work by Ohana and DG and I look forward to more of this Spanish kitten.


Oh yes. Yes indeed. Love the poolside setting, love her frilly string bikini, love the finger bite in #50 as she pulls down her bikini bottom. And there's something about the last nine photos of this set, but I can't quite figure out what it is... oh yeah. HOORAY! :)

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