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New cover: Ohana shows herself on terrace

Ohana is back on Metart and raises the members' temperature.

You can admire her in a very sexy red underwear and show her skinny body that our subscribers like so much.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:

"Stockings lover

Terrific Set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Ohana has a beautiful demeanour, and it is killer that she uses it to give us many and varied and fun facial expressions. Credit to Robert and Ohana for bringing us this bit of sunshine :)

"James Bell

Jeez Ruiz, what a sensational follow up set from Ohana. Her face is just so beautiful and her toned body, especially those abs, bring very naughty thoughts. I love the little coquettish looks as she leans her head down to her shoulders. Ohana's red lingerie is breathtaking. I also like the combination of indoor and outdoor shots. My only complaint would be that the set is too short. Brilliant job by Robert. A huge thanks to model and artist."


Robert presents very sexy Ohana very appealingly in this erotic set. Thanks for the closeups of her beautiful and generous vulva. The very enjoyable also includes full body shots that show off Ohana very erotically. Right down my alley. Thanks to artist and model."


I liked Ohana's debut set a lot; I LOVE this sophomore appearance. She really draws me in when she uncorks that mischievous smile and sticks her tongue out, #45 belongs in a hall of fame somewhere, wow."

"Five O

Very happy to get another visit with the gorgeous Spanish delight Ohana. Not sure what I would do if I encountered her on the balcony dressed like that but know exactly what would happen as the scene shifted to the bed. The shots were exquisite and captured her mystique perfectly. I want more of her and more often."


Exceptional set with great erotic performance by Ohana and high artistic quality imagery by Robert Graham! I could write a lot more about my impressions ... just look at Ohana in 'Terrace'!"

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