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New cover: Ohana is boilin the water river

We assure you that the water was really cold as the photo set (and film) was recorded in the fall, but after a while Ohana made the water boil with her hot body and sensuality :)

This little Spanish chica has become a favorite on Metart and we are happy we made her debut here

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I love Ohana's stringy black bikini and the way she toys with it before its removal. Built anticipation for the lovely nude shots that followed. I love her expressions, too. What a happy little showoff. :)

Ooh La La

Looks like both model and potographer had fun during this set. Ohana's creaminess raised the steam factor by about 200%. She is so thin but totally sexy.


Very sexy and erotic set from Ohana and Robert. Some delicious closeups. He slender body has its own sensual appeal. I hope she will be around for long time. Nice to have a girl from Western Europe. Great work Robert. Thank you sweet Ohana.


Ohana isn't my type ( too slender, nothing to get a hold of) but I love the setting the content and her inviting smile. And as for the images ( all perfectly sharp) another good set Robert. Keep it coming. 8)


Ohana has such a beautiful smile, and I love her long slender torso, tight tummy and fabulous ass. Her dark nipples are especially cute, and her succulent pussy is absolutely breathtaking. What a total babe. Great set!


Robert, you can stop now and retire. You've attained perfection. You're never going to have a set better than this!!!!

James Bell

I am 100% convinced I would last all of about 4 seconds in Ohana's presence before I became a drooling, blithering idiot. She has so much charisma and charm. I like the impish grins and cheeky expressions. I especially love her show of personality. Wonderful job by Robert. Thanks to model and artist. This set made my day.


This little river nymph might meet a fire-goddess at this river, if she ventures there at night! Imagine if she became a part of the Epic Story...?

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