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New cover: Marina is Gold on Metart debut

Marina is a big surprise on Metart! She got lot of entusiastic comments at her debut.

We worked with her in last our production in Spain, where she is living after she emigrated from Peru.

The first thing you notice is her friendly attitude and her warm heart.

The set is published here

Working with Marina is easy and nice, we hope to work with her again soon!

Here some comments by Metart members:


Absolutely beautiful! Her smile, her body, her legs, and her bare feet are simply the best. Marina Gold is a super wonderful addition to the gallery, hope to see much more soon! Thank you for sharing!"


Wow, what a lovely addition to the MetArt lineup. Marina is cute and sexy. Petite but nicely curvy. Love her smile. She looks like she's having fun. This is a beautifully photographed great debut. I'm looking forward to her next set."

"Five O

Marina is a welcome addition to the scene and reminds me of all the pretty girls I used to enjoy in my visits to Brazil and Argentina. I was a little bit surprised as I expected Robert to present Amaya again, but it seems he has made another discovery. Hope we get to see a whole more of Marina as she has a lot to offer. Welcome aboard."


Robert Graham continues to impress me with new and exciting gals from all over the world!

Marina is our very first Met model from Peru! Another first for Robert.

I have a thing for Latina women anyways, and Marina is tops. Thanks for the nice opening sequence in a pretty dress and heels."


₩O₩!! Whatta Lovely & Erotic Collaboration with Yummy_Sweet_Honey Latina Marina! Very Appealing Pretty White Flouncy Dress & Sexy Heels. Gorgeous Hazel Eyes & a Cute Lil Clam!!"


Great debut of a tempting South American beauty. Welcome to MetArt Marina. I hope you will be around for a long time. Very nice presentation Robert. Please bring Marina back to us again soon."


Robert you got a winner with this one. Background of her Latina but working now where."

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