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New cover : Lottie is a red sunrise on Metart

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We worked with Lottie one year ago but only now the new set "red sunrise" is online on Metart.

We asked Lottie to be ready at 5:30am to shoot on the beach during the sunrise and the light was spectacular. We had to work with less than 10 degrees but the model was braveheart and we did a great job.

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Lovely Lottie looks gorgeous throughout and utterly stunning against that sunrise. She is beautiful and boy do I love those tiny nipples, so hot!.

Some great shots sat on the back of that chair showing of her intimates and the standing nude in #088 is awesome, a beautiful expression on her face, that cascading red hair and her feminine frame are a delight, great shot!.

Fantastic set Robert, you did her proud!."


I've never enjoyed nude sets on the beach but now I realize the problem isn't the beach, it's the sun! Just not a fan of bright sun and never have been. Sunrise, though, provides beautiful light and is a great choice to photograph Lottie. And something about that outfit oozes innocence and Lottie pulls that off beautifully. I'm on the wrong side of the continent to get much in the way of ocean sunrises and this is an even better treat because Lottie."

"James Bell

Awesome 2nd pictorial from Lotte. I love her facial expressions and just a hint of personality. Terrific use of light and shadow by Robert."


She is so amazingly beautiful, and the photography is spectacular !"


I'm just back home from a week at the beach. While I watched the sun rise several times over the ocean, it's only now that I finally see a beautiful woman undressing in front of one. Thank you Robert and Lottie for putting an exclamation mark on my week off. :)"


Lottie Magne - tiny tits hall of fame! Robert Graham - best new artist of the 20's - from set to set - almost from photo to photo - ever something unexpected, new and thrilling."

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