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New cover : let's be romantic with Amaya on Metart

We discovered her few months ago and she got already the second Cover on Metart

It was sunset time and we decided to shoot in a romantic mood.

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:

"James Bell

A very nice follow up set from Amaya. While I'm not a fan a fan of tatoos on women, I find it is fairly easy to ignore hers and just enjoy her beauty. The highlight of the set for me is the opening and closing pics. The amazing lighting really does make one think of a daydream. Brilliant choices by Amaya and Robert."


I think I've commented on your approach positively before and some of my favorite photographers here, like Natasha Schon and Pasha, rely on it heavily. I love the mix of shadowy and shoots with lots of light. I'm also very impressed with your eye for models and your ability to bring them into erotic modeling."


Amaya's debut last month was presented by Luca Helios and now a fine follow up from Robert. Nice to have a lovely model from somewhat different perspectives. Amaya is lovely and talented well presented here by Robert. I look forward to following her MetArt career for years to come."

"10 Quest

Reminds me of days gone by here at Met. I love it! Shows a lot of thought and creativity that had to a great extent seemingly disappeared. Thanks Robert Graham and a very special thanks to your wonderful model Amaya!"


Atmosphere, comfortable setting, and Amaya looking relaxed and very beautiful. A really tasteful, alluring collection. Thank you!"


This is absolutely stunning set Robert. The first part of set where we can witness this romantic mood is done with the high level of artistic sophistication, specially pics #14-16."

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