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New cover: latina Marina Gold is teaching how to make a cocktail

Marina is totally funny girl, she brings on the set her latina mood and makes everything smooth and easy.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


This is a fun set. Marina has a very animated face and she's clearly having fun.

Each of Marina's three sets is quite different, but all show her character and sense of fun. It's great to see SOME photographers bringing us some creativity and not doing the same things over and over.


It is the witching hour (midnight) at MetArt headquarters in Seattle. Washington (the very state I am from), so the triumvirate photo sets have been released. This first one of attractive Peruvian Marina Gold is muy caliente! I love the manner of her disrobing her stirring ceruse dress to reveal her perky breasts. Excellent photography by Robert Graham. Wish this set numbered many more than 86 pictures, but the ones present are nicely done. My rating: A very strong 9


a short & sweet set of short and sweet Marina!

6/7 sure made me smile..

nice cameo by the dearly departed David.

a companion film featuring Sra. Gold shaking up some cocktails while nude, her pretty brown-nippled breasts bouncing about - would not be out of order Robert.


Many, many highlights in this set, from Marina's book compelling her dress to fall off, to her breasts getting acquainted with that window, to the close up panty removal segment #39-43, to the lovely standing nude shots, all embellished nicely by her delightful mix of playful and teasing facial expressions. Good mix of wide and close shots, as well. Nice work Robert.


Nude art at its finest with a model that is very expressive and seems to enjoy herself.

Well done Robert and Marina!


Very enjoyable and arousing set of this wonderful 19 year old ingenue. Starting at such a young age, I expect to be able to follow her all the way to 50+ and beyond. Lovely firm breasts, delectable ass, and sweet tempting smile. Fantastic girl all around. Thanks for bringing her to us Robert and for presenting her so temptingly. Love Marina. Fine work Robert.

James Bell

A very hot redhead in an even hotter figure hugging red dress. Marina looks fantastic. I like the little show of personality as she studies the book at the beginning. I like that we got to see her standing in the dress and heels. And I can't forget the full body nudes. The shots through the glass were interesting. Excellent job by Robert.

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