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New cover: Kahlisa last goodbye

We had the pleasure of bringing this Asian goddess to the Olympus of Metart models.

And today we greet her with this latest set that best represents her career as a model, born from a casting that transformed an unknown shop assistant into an international model.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Kahlisa! For a moment I pondered over the chances that I had died and gone to Heaven, but I came to the realization that I'm still alive and just had the best surprise in a long time. After asking mr Graham earlier about more Kahlisa I wasn't expecting to see any more appearances of her.

Now if this indeed is the last set with Kahlisa, it is fitting that it ended with her seemingly asleep in bed.


This is fine photography of a most beautiful woman. Nice use of natural sunlight for various effects. This might be Kahlisa's best set yet - or Robert's for that matter.

I enjoy sets that are more about the woman as a whole rather than pieces/parts. Sure, I like a few closeups thrown in, and Robert does that, but when a woman has a body like Kahlisa, one should savor all of her. The shape of her body and every curve, her uniqueness, her appeal.

I like #19 where she holds out her perfect breasts as though an offering. Would you take her up on it? I sure would.


STUNNING. I love the way Kahlia's body grabs hold of the sunlight and uses it to every possible advantage. The way it highlights her beautiful contours, the way it casts the shadows of her shapes, the way the fine sheen of oil on her skin reflects the light.. absolutely marvelous. If this is her last set, she goes out with a bang, I'm pretty sure this is my favorite of her appearances here.


Should have titled this "Bittersweet". Absolutely spectacular photography of the absolutely spectacular Kahlisa and Robert says this is it. No more? Oh, Robert, so cruel.


Excellent set. 10+


Absolutely spectacular photography of the absolutely spectacular Kahlisa - can only better if she shaven

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