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New cover: Hiromi is back on Metart

Hiromi is one of our top models. She got a perfect body, with perfect skin and she makes perfect poses. We worked with her during our production in Asia and we made her famous worldwide.

She is of mixed Filipino and Japanese blood and this gave her a unique look. She started modeling in the fashion area so she got lot of experience in posing and now she shows her talent in the adult business.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:

"Ooh La Laa

Wonderful lighting and color tones in this set really made Hiromi stand out. I loved the many varied poses but really enjoyed the ones prone on the floor face down. This little lady is quite the turn on for me."

"MA user

I really like this set with Hiromi as she does a very arousing deep yoga squat on pic #50 and

It's real Malasana thou in her last set Thai Pool she does do squatting poses too but this here

Is what I have longed to see from other models as well like Matilda Sun in her presenting set

So 10/10 to Hiromi and Robert for making my wish come true."


More Hiromi?!?!?!?! Feel like I've just won the lottery. You've made me very happy today, Robert!"


The sheen of oil on Hiromi's skin was a wonderful stylistic choice, I love the way she glistens in this set. Well done Robert. Did she apply the oil herself, or was one very lucky assistant (or photographer) assigned the task? Makes the imagination wonder.

Beautiful setting, fantastic poses. It would appear that she found the experience quite arousing as well, I always love when we see that."


Robert Graham,

I have been really enjoying your sets. The diversity in models is a nice change from the mostly European models that are represented here. Keep turning out high quality sets with exotic models. Hopefully you have some more new models to share with us soon."


Wow, she is really gorgeous and what a set this is. Fabulous sexy girl displaying all her lovely nakedness and beautifully photographed. This is truly stunning. That you Mr Graham."

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