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New cover: Helena' ringlets are famous on Metart

Her blond ringlets and frekles are famous in the erotic world. Helena shows her beauty in our new set published on Metart.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I love the fact that in this set we see the model outside in what looks like her normal everyday clothes before coming indoors to take them all off. Although there are many sets on Metart that feature opening shots of a model outdoors in everyday clothing this is followed by a switch to indoors were most of the clothes have suddenly been removed or she has changed outfits and I always feel a bit cheated by these as I love watching a women undress from fully clothed to totally naked. Well done Robert, lets have more like this."


I found this a very refreshing change from so many photosets that just have the same poses and angles over and over. And a nice reminder that Helena is a truly lovely young woman, with a beautiful complexion. Gorgeous scarf as well, although I liked it best in the shots near the end where it was just draped over skin. I had to deal with actual pantyhose too many times back in my youth to have any affection for it at all and I was glad to see it quickly dispensed with."


Robert thanks for including my favorite pose in 51-54. Also 73-75. Helena is presented very nicely throughout."

"MA user

I have always been a huge fan of any very attractive met model been photographed outside

And fully clothed before heading indoors to undress as it heightens arousal for me so this

Set is full marks to artist and model for taking this direction, oh and may I just say Helena is

The most stunning blonde German lady I have ever seen on Metart."


I always love sets where we see the model out and about wearing an outfit, then we see her back indoors shedding that same outfit. A nice reminder that if we keep our eyes open, we might just find we are surrounded by sex goddesses. :)"


An artistically sophisticated set by Robert Graham, showcasing Helena's beauty... Atmospheric, great reflections of legs and pussy on the table, perky breasts with hot nipples in profile..."

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