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New cover : Helena is back as Xmas gift

It was the longest wait to do this set with Helena. We started planning last spring but due to Covid problems and the child to care for, we were unable to set a date for the shooting.

So, after months and several attempts to come Helena to Milan, I decided to drive to her for 1000 km and get the job done!

Helena is an amazing woman, full of energy and ideas, it was revealing working with her.

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:

"Tafi - Lifetime Member

Very nice set! Sexy Helena is awesome and super cute! Lovely "erect" pussy, just fabulous! Great job to Helena and Robert! The set is underrated!"


Great to see Helena again, her appearances have been far too sporadic, she looks super cute and sexy in that outfit, delightfully pantsless and she gives us a fabulous show.

Thanks for getting her back Robert, she is gorgeous and a pleasure to behold, you present her in wonderfully arousing fashion!."


This is Helena's 8th set, but her first with Robert. This set is very much to my liking with #82 being my favorite shot. The entire set is very revealing and most enjoyable> I enjoy the holiday theme, and of course am thrilled by lovely Helena. Thanks Robert."


sexiest Christmas Elf since Zooey D.!

I really adore these PLAYFUL models!!

creamy ivory skin, a soft figure, white thigh highs (texture depicted beautifully btw Robert) - achingly erect nipples which echo the raspberries, freckles, fluffy blonde hair, a happy smile - I could go on.. all wonderful gifts delivered here by Mr. Graham and Helena!"


It's a Sweet Joyous Occasion to Have Cutiful Doll Face, Helena Return to Thrill Us! ☆☆☆ Find Her White Thigh Highs & Red Pumps Very Exciting! Luv Her Fluffy Blonde Hair & Opulent_Outtie. Her Impish Grin in Concert ₩ith Her Freckles Are Beyond Adorable! ♡♡♡"

"Five O

Helena sure did offer up a whole lot of holiday cheer playing Santa's helper but the party really started rocking once she flashed those perky nipples. She also put her assets to great use with those shots on the table. Very sexy. Merry Christmas Helena and happy you came around for the holidays. Thanks Robert for bringing Helena back."

Happy Holidays from Helena and Robert!

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