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New cover: first set with Eve Sweet on Metart

We shot Eve Sweet last winter. This is her first set published on Metart by us and t's inspired to Grimm's story Little Red Riding Hood

We focused the set on the red color of lingerie and hood, that becames black at the end of the story.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


One of my favourite models, making her debut with Robert Graham, and it's worth looking at the details as he appears to pay attention to detail and artistry.

I love the riot of red here, and how she's posed against the dark doorway, then the white wall, the fireplace, and that black and white photograph adding some monotone to contrast with the colour. Eve seems to be a true pro who is in her element, and makes good use of the red cloak in a variety of poses. How about #3? She's making it clear that she's a Red Riding Hood to be reckoned with! She'll become the wolf and eat you, if you don't give your full attention... and she commands attention.

People who know me and my comments, would know that I like to see high heels come off. I wouldn't wish for that, here. This is not an ordinary progression of undressing and getting legs in the air. The heels part of the role. She's a femme fatale, and you'd better watch out, but oh she could play nicely, very nicely, as the last image seems to be saying.


I agree, great job man. It's not like you didn't deliver the nudity. Sometimes the wardrobe in certain sets are far sexier than in this set, and without any great poses, the clothes are off at picture #3 and it's quite irritating. The point of the cape to me, is to show a red riding hood sort of innocence, then at some point splitting the cape to reveal a full frontal. You did exactly what I would have asked you to do, with a model I am absolutely in love with. 10/10


Eve Sweet as the Lady in Red - highly erotic lingerie and hot poses.

Great presentation by Robert and Eve :)


Brings back memories of "Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs" from the late 60's !!

Very sexy stuff --

THANKS for the HEELS and "leg-art"!!!

"BIG 10" for today -- !


In her ten sets in one year Eve has appeared with four different photographers on the Metart flagship site alone. And she has appeared on at least three other sets across the Metart network. So with her prolific output all beautifully done, she has become a MetArt superstar. I love her wonderful breasts and beautiful face. Nice work here by Robert.


Eve is magnificent as always, I really enjoy her sets. Robert did a great job here capturing some really hot pictures of this gorgeous babe. Great set!


The use of color here is like a punch in the eye. No, multiple eye punches but in a good way. Kudos to whoever dressed Eve today, be it Robert or an associate. The cape alone is spectacular. I was complaining recently about someone's set that was all beige and to me the model was crying out for something to punch up the scene. This is what I'm talking about. The colors don't distract from the model but highlight Eve's delicious body and playful demeanor. Yes, I've been looking forward to this gallery for a couple of days and it was far better than I imagined.


Excellent set of Eve Sweet by Robert Graham. Robert did a great job of capturing Eve's breasts at the best angels! Great shots of the rest of her too!

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