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New cover: chocholate goddess is back on Metart

Now for everybody Boni is a chocholate goddess and we like to name her this way:) the color of her skin is amazing as well as her hot natural curves.

This set was the first we shot with her, we can ay it's her debut on Metart even if it's published later.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Boni's brown bottom is off the scale of deliciousness; just love shot 84. Please keep the photo shoots coming and I'm drooling over the prospect of a Boni slow striptease video. She's is absolutely adorable. Thank you.


@Robert... #39..? Do you remember what you said or did to make Boni laugh like that? Very nice photography. I especially like the photos #45-48. I like a woman that I can really look up to.


Thanks to Robert for bringing Boni (pronounced Bonny, I assume) to us not just once, but five times now.Special thanks for being a gentleman and conversing with us mere members in the comments.


Excelente conjunto de fotos de Boni Brown! Yes, exquisite photo set of Boni Brown! Bombshell body, sensual lips and radiant smile. I instantly thought of the apropos Rolling Stones lyrics: 'Brown sugar, how come you taste so good? Brown sugar, just like a young girl should.'


My gosh, what a set. She is truly incredible. I totally don't blame you for asking; her boobs are absolutely glorious. So is the rest of her. Beautiful smile and such a perfect body.

Would love to see a photoset of her in an office setting or maybe at a pool. She'll look amazing wherever she is, though, because she's a goddess but it's so early.... lol I'm sure I can think of more fun things after I sober up from the high of this set and have some coffee. xD

Great set, gorgeous model!

Check the other covers on our website

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