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New cover: Boni "takes a day" on Metart

Lot of Metart members were waiting to see Boni again and the new set made them all happy:)

If someone is wondering, we can assure her body is all natural and yes, boobs are perfect as well as her smile!

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


So glad to see Boni again! Thanks, Robert!"


Just missing one more shot where Boni is pulling her skirt down fully so we get to see that stunning bottom with her panties still on. Plus Boni growing a little black triangle for next time would result in perfection. What a stunningly beautiful woman she is! Congratulation to both model and photographer."

"Diablo Martini

Nice work as usual Mr Graham, love the shots from overhead that you thankfully always manage to get in your sets. And her breasts don't even need comment. It's rare when large breasts are so perfectly shaped. But I do have to say I think it's obvious that one of her money shots is her mouth and lips. It's obvious that you see that as well judging by the shots. I'm surprised you didn't coax her into using her tongue in at least a couple. Nothing says come hither like a woman showing tongue."


Nice lighting. I like actually being able to see the details of dark skinned women."


Second great set of this beautiful woman. I love her delicious thickness. I love her delicious lips. There are so many pics in this set that make want to taste her lips. Yeah, I know that's wishful thinking, but a fellow can dream right. Great job Boni and Robert!"

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