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New cover: Baby Nicols coming from the beach to Metart

Baby Nicols is one of the most talented models we worked with and you can see in this new set published on Metart.

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Wow - this set had me reaching for my blood pressure medication ! Talk about hot !

MA user

This could be the the second best set I like with Baby as Sunrise in Barcelona was a breath

Taking sight to see too, but it was long awaited that she finally does a perfect squat pose

On pics #86 and #87 that wasn't to be seen much in her previous sets, but it was worth the

Wait, just look at how beautiful and arousing she looks around her legs and underneath her

Buttocks and anus. full marks to artist and model.


Great set from Baby and Robert. So nice to see a South American model on MetArt. I love the full body nude sots with Baby standing on he heels. I always enjoy closeups of vulva and Baby presents hers beautifully in this set. Very erotic set, most enjoyable to this viewer. Thanks to artist and model.

Preston Fenwick

Baby is so beautiful and sexy in and out of that red dress, she almost melts my eyeballs. This is an excellent set.

Robert, you cannot go wrong producing more sets of the lovely Baby Nicols. Since you are asking about where to find models, I would suggest to keep looking for more in South America, especially Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil, countries that seem to produce more than their fair share of stunners. I would also love to see more fair-skinned beauties from Ireland if possible, especially freckled redheads.


Damn... Baby Nicols is sooo fine! Her and that dress look like they were made for each other... Just Delicious Sexiness there! I'm glad the beach pics were just the appetizer for the main course, "the indoor pics." Yep, this is a great set!


THANX for the HEELS -- !

And THANX for moving the shoot off the beach !

"BIG 10" for today......

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