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New cover: Art is back to Metart with Sylvia

When we work with a model, we plan always to make one more "artistic" set among the classical ones. With Sylvia we used her talent in playing piano and her magnificent body to use special lights and effects to create a smooth atmosphere around her.

And if you dont belive she can play... here the video:

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


My me this set portrays one of my favorite Fantasies. Not just a naked woman playing the piano, which is my favorite musical instrument, but a Gorgeous naked woman playing the piano. Loved it!

I know everyone here won't agree with me, but I love pics# 78 & 79. IMHO, MetArt sets never have to get more explicit than that. I do respect different strokes for different folks, so to each his/her own.


I think Robert may have taken some hits in the scoring for being too creative, but I'm pleased that the comments at least show enthusiasm for his work. Lots of great images here but #85 really jumped out at me. Just a great presentation of an exceptional bottom. Sylvia is a great catch.


Robert, I am all for creativity from artists. The same old same old is boring and even with delicious women as the subject, there needs to be creativity otherwise life stagnates and doesn't evolve. So no complaints from me about the use of creative lighting. As for Sylvia I know what sort of tune I'd like to play with her, and where I'd love to tinkle my fingers. lets make wonderful music together. 8)

James Bell

What a truly unique concept and I really like it. The lens effects are so cool. And I like the photos of gorgeous Sylvia's reflection in the piano. She looks like she was having fun with this as well. Bravo Robert for dreaming up such an idea.


An excellent erotic set! The time spent on the early, erotic, sensual photos culminate in 79,80, and 81. What a beautiful woman. The mirrored reflections in the piano are excellent!


I have known many girl pianists and have admired them very much, so this excellent set of Silvia hits close to home. The more erotic portions of the set are also very enjoyable. Robert, thanks for the thrills.


@Robert : ) Lovely Creative Collaboration with Scintillating Sylvia! Her Pretty Manicure is Icing on The Cake...Ahem! ...Piano Keys. Never Apologize For Being Artsy. After All Met"ART" is Supposingly Why Most of Us Are Here. Sweet Pu$$y Portraits! Mmmmnn!!

MA user

A very interesting set this is with Sylvia and I can just Imagine her playing one of my

Favorite classical tracks sitting at the piano, actually that would look really sexy in a

Video of this shoot.

Check the other covers on our website

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