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New cover : Amaya brings bubbles to Metart

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Amaya has the best smile in the business. And Metart members know it:) We had plesure and fun to play in the Jacuzzi with soap and bubbles

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I loved this set -- the lighting and Amaya -- and after I looked at it, I checked the rating, in that naive way you fall into when you like something and expect to be pleased that the rest of the world did, too. Oh well ... The same with the set with Savana. which I'd been looking forward to, and didn't disappoint. Really like what you're doing, Robert, and it's a real relief from the rote gynecological (and proctological) examinations that the site often runs to."


I do like this set, but I just don't like bubblebaths, I really like Amaya though and Robert Graham's amazing work with Vine, please come with a (dry) indoors bedroom setting apologies for my particulars"

"James Bell

Fun and playful sets are my favourites, and this one really hits the mark. Amaya's huge natural smile is just gorgeous. I love the exercise photos. Great beginning to this story. The darker lighting in the bath pics helps to set the mood that this is Amaya's personal and private time. Great job by Robert. Thanks to model and artist."


A couple of us in the comment section have said we would like to see scenes of MET models showering / bathing after their portrayed workouts; thank you Amaya and Robert for the lovely wish fulfillment. Amaya's playful smile as she suds up in the bubble bath is delightful, and I lovvvvvvve the light reflecting off her wet bare skin. Delightful. :)"


Great to see more of gorgeous Amaya, so cute and supremely sexy, she is a true delight!. Interesting start and I loved the switch to a cooler tone as she undresses, lifting that top to show off that lovely belly and pert tits. The shots in the tub with Amaya playing with the bubbles are adorable, #046 is a great shot. It was great to see Amaya sat on the edge of the bath, free of the foam, to give us some delightfully revealing spread shots, that lovely smile lifting such images beautifully.

I'm really enjoying Amaya's every appearance and Robert captures her magnificently here, allowing her to show off not only her great looks and wonderful body, but also a lot of fun and personality too. Great set, I hope we get a lot more like this from Amaya and Robert."


Robert wet buttocks are a real turn on for me so bravo for the 5 images. I suspect the minimal direct lighting won't be liked by many, but it works for me. 8)"

My new favorite set. When MetArt began it was much more about "Artistic" nudes. I think this set is exactly what IMPO this site strives to be; beautiful nude woman with many different artistic takes on lighting and background. As everything is subjective you can argue what that means but I don't think any one can argue that Amaya looks absolutely stunning in a bubble bath. Check out pic 76 where her eyes look right through you and I love the way in pic 98 the flash creates a halo of light behind her head giving her an almost angelic look. I love this set and Amaya is so beautiful. Congrats on one of the best sets I have seen in a while and thanks for putting the "art" back in MetArt!"

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