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New cover : Aleida strikes again on Metart

Aleida has become the most loved Italian model on Metart!

This set is also very popular because of the beautiful mixed lights that bring out this girl's hot curves.

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Aleida makes me want to howl, honestly. So voluptuous and inviting. The sequence with her sprawled on that chair .... Terrific photography as I've come to expect from Robert. I'd love a similar set with the lighting used in the last frames, Robert, but I'm weird and I'm a huge fan of Natasha Schon, who works that way much of the time. Your mixture here is probably a safe bet for MA."


Gorgeous yet again, lovely Aleida is absolutely gorgeous and stunning in that rich purple attire, regal and splendour with those wavy locks of hair falling around.

The opening of that attire showcases her fabulous breasts wonderfully and those high cut matching knickers compliments her great hips and beautiful belly and backside brilliantly.

Another fine set from Robert Graham featuring one of my favourite models from his roster, Aleida is stunning and Robert captures her elegantly explicit displays beautifully, bravo to both model and artist, I like this one a lot!."


Ohhh myyy, Aleida looks absolutely luscious in her fancy purple chemise. The navelgazer in me loves its tummy exposure; the horndog in me loves its clasp in the front. A lovely starting point for yet another gorgeous set of this beauty. Thank you Robert for the extra attention paid to her beautiful bottom in this set, wow."

"Galina A-Verified Model

I especially like the last 8 pictures of this set.

The light lay down very well on the model's body and it looks amazing! But it's good that there is variety and the whole series consists not only of such pictures.And else we can enjoy other good angles and poses of this model :)"


Aleida has a lovely hourglass figure. Wouldn't been a nice touch if she was wearing a peachy colored lipstick to accentuate her pretty peachy completion. Very appealing collaboration. Thank u! Aleida & Robert ☆☆☆"


Robert Hi, I adored that sequence from #94, the reduced lighting showing off Aleida's wonderful definition and contours of her delicious body, just wish there had been some complimentary rear views of those beautiful buttocks, but I'm not going to complain to much with #62 - #66 what a bottom. I hope you have more of her for us in 2022? 8)"

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