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New cover : Aleida's daylife on Metart

Aleida debuted last month on Metart with excellent results.

Now her second set is released and the feedback is even better

We are obviously happy for the model and above all for the recognition of our work

She is also the first italian model we worked with and she is a promising one. You can see her on Ultrafilms too with some solo videos.

Take a look to this new photoset here

Here some comments by Metart members:


I'm quite taken with Aleida after her first two appearances. I love her bedroom eyes, long cascading hair, and seductive crooked smile. That's before I even get to the bare-navel outfit, tempting underboob shots, and DEVASTATING OOOF OOOF OOOF provocative bed poses. Nice job of moving her around the setting and taking advantage of the opportunities it presented. I even like the shots of her standing in the blanket box.

Gorgeous woman, wonderful set. MOAR please"


What a fantastic follow up set to Aleida's stunning debut, Aleida is absolutely stunning here! Robert thank you for the varied poses including the first few more candid sets and especially the intimate and delicious close ups. Well done sir."


Excellent set. Thanks for all the great closeups. Aleida is beautiful, talented and willing. Fine work by Robert.. I think we need more of his work on MetArt. Robert, thanks for responding to the comments of our MetArt subscribers."


I loved Aleida's debut but this set is on another level altogether, she is absolutely stunning, a wonderful, radiant beauty, quite simply magnificent!.

I love that outfit, the top and skirt with a lovely bare midriff and those heels are just my cup of tea!. The removal of her clothing I really enjoyed too, the underboob shots as she takes off that top and the shots in just her knickers are fantastic and she really knows how to show off that awesome body once she is fully nude, she is an incredibly arousing sight to behold, helped to no small extent by her nicely expressive and ridiculously beautiful face!.

Love this set, great work from Aleida and Robert, this is a masterpiece!."


the "out and about in public - getting to know you while still (sexily) dressed" intros used to be a staple in years past - glad they are making something of a comeback! I love this model - looking forward to seeing her career develop - oh, let's say - in about 58 more appearances?"

"Five O

Excellent presentation of the gorgeous Aleida. She looks even better the second time around showing off those butt cheeks. You can never go wrong with the LBD and she plays it for all it's worth. Toss in a few delicious closeups and I think we have a winner."

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