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New cover: a windy terrace with hot curves with Boni

Her curves are becoming famous on Metart: we waited for the sunset to have the perfect light and the ideal wind to immortalize Boni on a terrace in Barcelona. We don't have to tell you that the temperature rose up when Boni released his perfect breasts to the wind :)

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


Boni is great, her proud breasts are a joy to look at! It starts with nice backlit photos, but Boni doesn't make us wait long, she shows us her portrait with her amazing breasts and then her whole body... Robert gives us wonderful backlit close-ups of her fabulous breasts and perky nipples. Then her beautiful hair flies and we get to see bonuses from new perspectives, from below, butt and pussy...


Thank you Robert for the abundance of low angle shots in this set, they really highlight Boni's stunning curves, especially in those standing nude shots. OOOF. Makes me wonder if they were intentional, of if Boni's nude body made him so weak in the knees that he couldn't keep his balance. I know that if it were me, the latter would be the case.

MA user

I think Boni is absolutely beautiful in this set and all of her previous ones too photographed

By Robert, she has a very erotic and style of posing, but to be honest I would really long to see

Her do deep squat poses front and back view perhaps in a future set, thanks to artist and model.


Best set yet of Boni. Incredible body and sexy look. A favourite set now, and hopefully many more to come.

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