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New cover: a Spruce on Metart

A new cover on Metart with the model Dee Vine!

The set is published here

Here some comments by Metart members:


How wonderful to see amazing Vine again, and in a fantastic set !"


This is another very sexy, beautiful set, of a beautiful woman! Until now, "Magazines," was my favorite Vine set, but this one may have topped it. I totally enjoyed this one. Great work Robert and Vine!"


Congratulations for this wonderful set! In patricular I love the sequence of pictures when Vine unzips her white pants and pulls them down - so beautiful! Looking very much forward to the video you mentioned."


Vine is Looking Beyond Fine! Dating Myself in Saying Her Figure Hugging White Shorts Are Much Like "The Hott Pants" of The '70s'. Back Zip is Very Sexy. Enjoy The Elegant Rose Floral Wallpaper Background, too. Especially, Enjoy Vine's Magnificent Opulent_Outtie... Yum!! Very Nice Collaboration Vine & Robert ☆☆☆"

"Ooh La La

I've been blocked out of the comments section for the last three days due to some technical glitch so I'm late to the party, but this was an excellent set of the very delicious looking Vine! That outfit was sexy as hell as her behind looked fantastic in those tight fitting shorts. Of course it looked even better when they disappeared! Great work Robert."

"Five O

Vine makes a lovely opening statement in those shorts and comes inside for a sensual striptease. Her nude body was displayed with class and taste, and we got some decent shots of her fully exposed. This set was so nice I had to watch it twice."

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