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W4B: Surreal Glamour

When I arrived in Nude Art World in 2012, what I saw was actually everything that happened between end of the 90s until 2012! I did not realize it THEN, but I know it now! So when I say how things were in 2012, it's actually the way things were before 2012. I don't know if that's important, but I felt the urge to make that clear.

In 2012 Met-Art was glamour photography. Watch4Beauty was even MORE glamour photography! That were my feelings as a Newbie. What I didn't realize consciously was, that Watch4Beauty always had the approach to be different. And I will use one of my favorite words: W4B was in parts surreal! (Little) Caprice had the same pink netfish pantyhose than she had on other sites. But she was photographed on a more than striking afternoon sun yellow/orange background! Angles of photos could be bizarre, experimental. alienating forms and proportions. The result was different to everything I ever saw on other sites.

The Caprice set was minimalist. Pure performance of one the greatest models ever, in front of a dazzling background. But the things I mentioned made it recognizable easily as a W4B set. More than a watermark could ever do.

Years later Watch4Beauty would publish a set with Leona Mia in front of a giant painting of a woman holding a cigar between her lips. And Leona makes the painting a Co-Star of her performance. The bizarreness is still there. And I love it. The glamour is still there, too!

When I saw Lottie Magne for the first time I thought: "Wow! She's extremely expressive! I will keep an eye on her!" When her first sets at Watch4Beauty were published, it was THIS unconventional expression of the new woman in town, her artful approach with the word 'independence' written in capital letters in her eyes, placed in a photo set of highest glamour photography - which would be able to make other glamour sites blush in jealousy - which made me finally fall in love with Lottie Magne (in the innocent Nude Art World-ish sense of the word!).

Watch4Beauty was the site which makes a difference! That much I saw in 2012 and that much didn't change. 2 years ago they were the first among the major traditional Nude Art sites to bring a whole bunch of new models into biz, models from South America or from other formerly underrepresented parts of the world. Right now, for the last few weeks, they give us a "New Talent" set almost every second day. Things are in motion at W4B. Working with drones now, they will not miss to give us new visionaries. And when they keep up with bizarre visuals, or even increase that approach - in question ask Lottie Magne how it works! She's GREAT in bizarre visuals! - I will certainly not go away. Watch4Beauty is a site which changed in time and with time! It's vivid. Progressive! It's exemplary! A potential role model for others!

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