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Giants of Erotic Art - the Wowgirls Network

The Wowgirls Network is THE family of sites with highest quality! You can choose to download their movies in 30fps or 60fps from SD to 6K! Yes, you read right! They aren't 6K-ready, they already HAVE 6K movies! Their photo set resolutions have at least 5760x3840, up to 10328x7760! But these are just numbers. Fact is that their photos and movies are of excellent quality no matter what resolution they have or when they were published. Their FullHD movies from 2012 already let most of today's 4K movies on other sites blush. I've seen shower scenes where you can count the water drops. When you're looking for highest quality in technical regards, the Wowgirls sites leave no wish unfullfilled.

For me the most extraordinary thing is, that they focus their high quality completely on the models! My saying since forever is, that the models are what makes Nude Art run. And they definitely realized that! When you watch a photo set or movie, you will have moments where you think: "Woah, what a perfect photo! What a brilliant movie!" But most of the time you think: "Wow! What a woman!" THIS is what Wowgirls is about: breathtaking content with most beautiful women. And what they do with them is Top Notch! I'm very picky in that demand, but the Wowgirls sites make me happy! They have HUGE collections of most of their models, they really work with them, extensively and progressing.

Photo sets aren't stand alone sets, but they are one chapter in the project of exploring a model. Body and soul! When you watch all of one model's sets, you will know every inch of her body, but also you think you know her personality! You think you know what she enjoyed. Or not. The 'Wowgirls' communicate with you in their sets and they don't smile automatically like fashion models do! They have moods, they have preferences, they like you or not! No matter how luxuriously the locations are, the photos stay with the models' bodies! It's decadently delicious and makes you think you're in heaven.

Wowgirls is also the smart way to do Erotic art! They never present models in a way like: "Hey, look! I'm a sweet and cute girly!" They make it personal and authentic! "Hey, it's me! I'm THE Gloria! Look into my eyes! Get to know me!" And then the photos grab you by your nose and lead your face closest to the most intimate scent-filled areas of outfits and models. And you know: that's why you're here for, but they don't allow you to forget whose scent is filling your nostrils. It's personal! Love for a model becomes lasting and that's an essential part of the magic of the Wowgirls sites. Models don't perform female archetypes. They are individuals.

As I say: they work extensively with models! And they always have a well-chosen selection of important names! They started to have hundreds of sets with - for example - Sasha Blonde, THE lead character of the network and a legend of Nude Art, or Gloria, the role model for every girly-oriented site. They made THE essential (and HUGE!) collections with 2 of MY biggest names, Guerlain and Anjelica. They had Katya Clover and Sabrisse afterwards and today they have Nancy A and Sybil A, but they also worked with Leona Mia and Mila Azul. None of them has only 2 sets or movies! They all have real collections! (Okay, to be honest: they have models who really just made guest appearances!)

The Wowgirls Network is also the ONLY family of sites who really manage to have solo and hardcore content on eye's level next to each other! For me they are the leading sites for my solo collection, for others they are a paradise of hardore movies. And it works great! Even I make short visits at their hardcore movies, where I realized that they started to re-invent porn with Katya Clover, or - more recently - they included very entertaining and amusing frame plots to their hardcore movies. And this might be another essential truth about the Wowgirls sites: they develop! They are a vivid bunch of eroticists, who make things completely different now than they made them 10 years ago! They evolve. That alone makes them ready to survive the 20s.

I could write a whole book about Wowgirls. I really love them. Let me add 3 things still in THIS text: 1. the clothes. Their outfits, lingerie and clothes, always were of highest quality, too! They never saved money at the expense of their lingerie! And they made me a fetishist for clothes and underwear not just by the models having them on their bodies, but by exchanging them! Guerlain appears in panties still having the scent of Anjelica on it (well, that's what is implied but not a fact, of course). And when Gloria feels the need to pee, she pees. In close-up FullHD to count the drops. And when there is no time to strip off her pantyhose, she leaves it on. Wowgirls are sites full of highest intimacy. But - see above - they know that faces and moods and characters are an important part of intimacy. They NEVER forget to focus on THAT in the same intensity.

2. The amount of content: Believe me, you will never reach the bottom of their archives! I have a huge collection of Wowgirls stuff on my harddrives, but it's just the smallest part of what they have! Being at Wowgirls means you will never get out of new content! And they never do the same with one model than they did with another! Their collections of models are character driven, so they can be at the same location, in the same lingerie (YAY!) and even start a set in the same way as another. The outcome will still be different and exciting. Wowgirls destroyed boredom by making individual, character- and mood-oriented content!

3. Their biggest mistake was to delete the most of their early 00s content in lower resolution! Much of their early solo sites of Sasha Blonde, Gloria, Ivana and others was integrated into their main site, still available today, but LOTS of content is lost, for example the solo content of a beautiful model called Kat, or the lot of Alice Wonderbang (was that the name?) and Isabella A (Mary at Wowgirls). I still hope they take it out of their archives for single or bundle sale one day! That's legendary content! It should be forbidden to delete it!

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