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Things you should know about ordering Custom Shoots

Innovations in Nude Art in the last 5 years - at least - were ALWAYS connected to Milena Angel! She established real(!) Cosplay for Nude Art! And so it is not a coincidence when she offered Custom sets from the very beginning on her site (in 2016!). With clear guidelines about prices and conditions. But that's just for starters.

Custom sets are sets which will be shot and designed for customers who pay the price for it! They are what makes Nude Art finally and truly interactive and they are what makes collector's collections finally very unique. Custom shoots are the ONLY new invention in Nude Art during the last years, which indeed are not just a method to sell single sets for a much higher price! Custom Shoots definitely have a higher, and an individual(!) additional value! Most models, who want to work independently, offer them. The idea is: WHEN you, as a fan of Nude Art or a particular model, want something special, when you have a unique idea towards a photo set or movie, which you can't find realized on any regular paysite, you can order a Custom set from 'your' model (or photographer) and she or they will do it for you! For a price, that must be said. But for that price you can expect a High Quality HiRes photo set with 100 or more pics or a FullHD movie somewhere around 10 minutes length. But truth to be told: the quality can vary! It makes a difference if a Custom Set is shot WITH your model of choice but BY a Top photographer! Very few models have experiences as photographers and of course a Custom Photo set shot with a smartphone by an amateur (an Amateur Selfie set) may not have the additional value worth the price!

My own experiences with Customs are splendid. All of 'my' names mentioned below do fantastic Custom sets, due to great performances, professional equipment and own experiences as photographer in the commercial fields of biz, but also due to an individual art concept, which is not to be taken for granted in the vast landscapes of OnlyFans, where offering Customs is very common, but I dare not to foresee the quality of the result! Since Robert Graham offers Custom Shoots, too (via the Contact button at the site! hint hint!), you can certainly expect High Quality results from that direction!

There are models who offer masturbation customs for 20$! And they shoot 10 of them over night! That doesn't meet my ideas of a proper Custom shoot. And when models or photographers just shoot one of their regular sets and sell it as a Custom shoot to you... well, that makes you a producer of a shoot, but the result will not be what I think of as a Custom!

Imagine: you have a fave model, but she never posed in the lingerie you always wanted to see her in. Or she never made a beach scene and you love beach scenes! Or when you love sets in old, wrecked houses. Or you're a foot fetishist and she never made a foot fetish set! THAT might be your inspiration to order a Custom set from her! She just has to give her okay to your idea! So you MUST go into negotiation with the model, which is a very interesting part of the whole process. That must be said. You've never been in contact to your fave model in such an intense way, than when you talk to her about your personal Custom shoot idea!

The sky is the limit! Your imagination is the director of the shoot! My very first Custom set was Emily Poker, known as Debora A, 'just' focusing on whirling her hair around (since I LOVE long, wild hair!). It became a brilliant outdoor masterpiece, photographed by Milena Angel! Then I ordered a Custom with Milena Angel, where she comes to the beach as James Bond (with a gun in her hand!), strips off the suit and turns into THE first Bond Girl Ursula Andress and goes for a swim, she comes back to the beach just like Ursula did in 'Dr. No', she finally strips off the vintage bikini, dresses up as Milena Angel and leaves the beach! 3 legends in one set! An instant legendary classic. When she published that set at her site, it was highly successful and I was very proud about it.

Emily Poker made a photo set as a woman who was raised by wolves and in the set she comes into an abandoned house of humans for the very first time, all dirty from the forest ground! Or she made a set for me in 2 versions, where she's the head of 'Punk City' and interrogates newcomers to find out if they are spies! The photos were shot from the point of view of the newcomer! Emily is PERFECT in storyline based performances! THAT's the downside of commercial art, that you will NOT find sets like that - for example - on a Met site! But YOU might have your own ideas and can see them become reality in form of a Custom shoot! Of course... I don't think that many models are able to make fantastic performances like that! It's a quality of Milena and Emily, that not only they CAN do it, but they also agree THAT they do it. That's why both are my highest recommendations when it comes to Custom shoots! But don't hesitate to make your own experience with your model(s) or photographers of choice.

Some final words about exclusivity and prices! Custom shoots will be forever results of YOUR individual imagination. But the result is the effort and creativity of model and photographer! So I still imagine them as THEIR work! (And believe me: the result will very likely be SO much better than you imagined it yourself! Models and photographers are experts and artists! They deserve recognition and appreciation for their work!) So I always agree, when models keep the copyright for further use! If you do NOT want that, if you want something to hide in your own collection for exclusive ownership, you should tell that in advance! But think about that: business is really hard! When YOUR Custom sets help a model to make more money with HER(!) work, you shouldn't be in the way. You can negotiate a time of exclusivity. Like: 6 months, before it becomes offered for sale on the 'free' market? But the creatives will ALWAYS have the final word about that!

And prices... well, think about that: when models DO masturbation at all, you will find their masturbation sets everywhere! Do you really NEED another masturbation set as a Custom for 20$? Not really, do you? On the other hand, 20$ don't empty your purse, so it might be a small, but helpful support for the model. But be aware: when a model really makes 10 masturbation movies over night, this will be content off the rack. A real High Quality photo set with 90 to 120 or even more HiRes pics, or a FullHD or even 4K Custom movie of 10 or more minutes according to your own screenplay... you will NOT get them for 20$! THAT's a lot of work and effort, renting a location and preparing the accessory. Here we have a price range of 200 to 500$! Custom shoots are the BIG exclusive stuff! And trust me: my James Bond set from Milena Angel is worth MUCH more to me than I paid for it! And the same with my 28 Customs I have from and with Emily Poker! One of them was shot by Milena Angel, another one had Milena AND Emily, shot by Erik Latika and Genevieve Gandhi assisted! This is not to set off against money! The 26 Customs Emily created herself for me are full of ideas other models would possibly not agree to, due to a 'too much' of effort or maybe even due to a 'too few' of acting skills? This is a whole new dimension of collecting Erotic Art! Think about that: a standard mainstream photo set on a standard mainstream site with monthly membership fees of 29$ and daily updates makes you get single sets for cents only! You can't compare that with a real Custom set! When you don't have that money or it isn't worth that much to you, you will be happier to spend less money at regular paysites. But trust me: a Custom shoot according to your own script is precious! It's a gem of your collection for the rest of your life.

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