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Roaming Sites - A few words about rating systems

When you come to a site for the first time, maybe a BIG site with 10 years or more of high quality content available, you might face the problem to find what you're looking for. With your own names of models in tow you will have a great start by checking them out. Otherwise the sites' rating systems will be your major tool to happiness! But take care! When you watch the model section in order of highest ratings, you will find the most beautiful, best rated models. But which kind of photography pleases you personally the most? And which models are the best performers to lead you through a Top Notch photo set? There are still things you must consider.

  1. I have a collection of about 200 models! And that makes me already VERY picky! Only one of them is in the Top Ten of sites! Only a handful or two of them are in the Top 50! But a lot of my most favorite models of all times you will not even find among the Top 500! Maybe they are already out of biz for a very long time. Or they have only a handful of sets on that site and they can't compete with models who have 20, 50 or even 100 sets available? Sites' rating systems will have algorithms, which prevent models from being Top 1 model with 2 sets, which have been rated by only 2 members, but with highest votes!

  2. Voters are a complex breed! People like me ONLY vote 'their' favorite models. And give them highest ratings! Because people like me want 'our' models to return to sites forever and ever again and again. But there are other voters. Site enthusiasts vote EVERY model and set. Their highest votes go to sets which meet site standards best. They don't necessarily like 'unusual' models or sets. And finally we have the 'sophisticated critics': they have a HUGE catalogue of criteria for their votes! Lighting, focus, performance and many more. They easily give bad ratings after their inspection of a new update.

  3. Sometimes it seems obvious, that ratings get manipulated by the sites for hyping a model they want to work with often in the future. I can calm you down about that. It certainly is possible, but very unlikely. Running a site is heavy business. Site runners, webmasters and Co. have a lot of more important things to do, all of which are more effective for the success of their sites than manipulating votes.

So, ratings are of BIG help for you at your start of roaming a site. But they aren't the answer to everything. Many sites show you alternative models when you look at a particular model's profile page! Scroll down below the model's updates and see who they advise you to look at! Also check out tags! There will be tags for 'longhaired' models or 'A-cup' boobs. For radiance, performance or comparable features a model might be special or best in, there is no other way than to roam a site on your own behalf. There will be much trial and error, but there will also be MANY epic discoveries waiting for you! Never EVER underestimate a site's back catalogue! I wish you an adventurous and exciting journey!

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