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New addiction of miss Magne

Recently, I made a decision that my content should become wider.

What I'm doing now is not enough, and I realized I have to create the video content myself cause i can't be just a part of a frame. I was afraid I wouldn't have the skills to make videos on my own, but in the end, I won’t be able to gain the skill if I didn’t start. Thus, I have already shot several videos, and they will be available on my channels very soon. I decided to share some screens with you, I hope it will interest you and you will pay attention.

Everything started in the beginning of April, in Budapest.

We had a little time to shoot the material, so I decided to remove the number of various frames for the video (and other girls were filming for their channels in parallel with us, so we had to be careful not to interfere with them).

My debut was a video with Lika Star. I understood what I wanted to do, and Lika did too (although she didn't like the makeup, haha), so the work was easy, moreover, Lika expressed her wishes, which worked great. We agreed that we would make a footfetish video (anyway this is suits me, and I find a special response in this). We didn't have any special lamps or softboxes for lighting, by the way, only a faint rgb-tape and a ring lamp (I covered it with a red bag to change the color, to be honest). I hope it worked out well, at least for the first attempt.

My second job was a scene with Stefany Kyler. Unfortunately, we had even less time! Stefany worked all day for others, so I understand how she could get tired. Time is midnight... I didn't know if I should either cry or laugh at absurdity. Surprisingly, Stefany was calm and gladly helped me in implementing my idea. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and staff, I didn't get the expected result, but I received material from the wonderful Stefany for my collection (cause i adore how she look, pure beauty).

The cherry on top was Tory Sweety's scene. Quite smooth, calm, but with the same problems as in other cases... Initially, I wanted to choose more colorful images for us and the scene was supposed to be in the morning, but Tory didn't take her special shampoo (the usual one doesn't suit her). I wanted to gel our hair (notice: i love hair in gel). Didn't work out. The scene was moved to night time too. Of course, it was sad, cause i have super creative plan for both of us.

Like everything "new" we try in life, we make mistakes and learn from them to make it better in the future and in the future, I think I will start working in a separate manner so that i have more time, because this greatly affects the result. I don't want to receive a picture will not please me at least 65-70 percent. It's difficult to do something talented in limited conditions. At least for me, because I'm still a beginner. I don't own the light, the camera, and I even fix the tripod incorrectly. I only have a vision.

And yeah, i realize the trend is usually about lifestyle video, but I'm afraid this format will be too crowded for me. I don’t feel like myself and I get nervous, even if it’s a good income. With what I like, this doesn't happen. I decided to try to mix everything I love into one format: fashion, ASMR and erotica.

despite the difficulties, I am determined to improve and reach the goal of seeing the visions I have in my head realized in an image. Let's see what will happen!


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