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I think we have too little time to be afraid to try something new. We can spend our whole life in search of a destination, but never find it, because in fact, the meaning of life cannot be complete if we are devoid of a spark. Could I ever think that I would go to work in porn? Not. Do this industry need me? Am I talented in it? I don't think so either. But I try new things, because I like the search process more than the final result (the animated film Soul from Pixar studio led me to these banal, but useful conclusions, if anything, I advise)

I try myself in photography the same way. Probably, professional photographers would start criticizing me: I don't know anything about the rules of photography and I shoot everything on my phone haha. But I like it.

I will add the first photo was born on its own: once I wanted to show myself from the inside with the help of creative tools. I love spiders, they seem to me the most ideal creatures on the planet, and I associate myself with the arachne in general. They are either very much loved, or very disliked, which is more often than not (In my opinion, the same story is with me, haha. Just kidding, of course)

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I'd like to receive your comments here :) Thank you!

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תגובה אחת

29 באפר׳ 2021

I really love your creative visuals. Do you always and only make single shots or small groups of photos - Art Nude like - or do you plan to make sets like that?

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