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The Award goes to... Anna Melody

The colors have gone with the last guest and he went out already an hour ago. She's alone now. Not in the smoky bar, that hall room with the dance pole and a smell of old beer which will never leave the bar ever again. She's in her changing room, still wearing her dance outfit, still with her make-up on, a bit too much on her eyelids. The guests love to see thick dirty green or blue and even red on her eyelids. Makes them feel superior. Today she will not take a shower first. Today she will sit alone at the vanity mirror for a moment and let her thoughts come to her mind. Alone. Without any colors. Only the lights of the vanity shining on her young, magnificient body.

And me, behind my screen! Watching a photo set I only recently realized as being shot by Robert Graham. The beautiful but weary woman in the changing room is Anna Melody! I love Anna Melody.

But never before I've seen her like that! I've heard of people who did not identify her, even though I think she is recognizable very well. Her wonderful breasts with the most pointy nips I've ever seen give her identity clearly away. But still I understand the bewilderment. The woman on the photos is more than anyone else the woman I described in the beginning. Weary, maybe ready to close a chapter of her life and starting a new one. Maybe not! This is a HOT, erotic photo set. The photos show us her beautiful body, but they don't tell us a story. But the intensity of the photos, the darkness, the lack of colors, the fascinating presence of the model imply something more than we can see. It's not necessary to know the hidden story to understand the mood, the impact the photos have on watchers. The set is a meditation about certain points in life. It's a celebration of a certain mood. Anna strips off her see-through top, then her black laced bra, then her panties. In between she shows her body to the camera, not necessarily revealing. Unintended. She's used to expose her body to the guests. So she does it when she's alone, too. Why should she hide from herself what anybody else gets to see every evening?

In the end she will put her see-through top on again. Without the bra. Without the panty.

The audience behind the screens will not get the impression she solved her melancholy. But when the last photo disappears from my screen at home I feel the urge to get up on my feet and give applause to what I've just seen! It's one of those sets which do not exist twice. It's a dark, intense performance of a moment in time. The photos perfectly catch the mood, the moment and the woman. And the woman just made a performance she should get awarded for. My deepest respect for the people who made it happen! Thank you so much, Anna Melody! That was really GREAT! And respect, Robert Graham! With photo sets like this he will write Nude Art History! I just did by reviewing it first.

The ultimate version of this set is available in the shop section. And I think any collection of finest Nude Art will have to be approved by having it. There is no other set like it anywhere to be seen, where every aspect of it found the right tone to become THIS intense perfection.

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